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she had an innie巨茎爆乳无码性色福利

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she had an innie巨茎爆乳无码性色福利

Trip Homepart 2 I lay in bed thinking about Yoko and wondering ...should I go to her house tomorrow. To tell the truth I was embarrassed that the whole incident happened. Did I enjoy it...you damned tooting I did. But again she is my best friend's Mother and it was all accidental. I finally drifted off to sleep with nothing settled . Along about three am I was awakened by a sudden release of pressure...in 16 year old talk... I had a wet dream. I was a mess, I shared a bath with my sister's bedroom since she was still at the Hospital I did not have to worry about disturbing her. I stripped off the sheets then took a shower. I began to soap down and my hand automatically began stroking my dick while thoughts of Yoko ran thru my mind... she was so tiny and her body so smooth, I could feel her pussy as it moved up and down on my dick. In seconds I was releasinganother load all over the shower wall. I washed off and dried . Wrapping the towel around me I just lay across the mattress and went back to sleep. I awoke to the phone ringing... it was Mom. “Hi Mom, how is Carrie?” “ She is resting ...they had to operate there were a lot of splinters in the wound that had to be cleaned out.” “Dad is calling the office and putting Don Prater in charge till Carrie is able to come home, We have checked into a motel and will stay here. Dad says you can use his pickup the keys are on the dresser and he told Don you would be stopping by and for him to give you a $100.00 out of petty cash.” You take care and we will call you tomorrow.” I got dressedand went into Mom and Dad's room to get the truck keys. Then off to the office, My Dad is a Real Estate Broker specializing in Commercial properties. He pulls in high six figures a year minimum. I knew petty cash would not even miss the $100, knowing Don he probably throw in more. I arrived at the office and Don met me at the door. “Well Rafe looks like you are on your own for awhile your Dad said to give you a $100 but I'm not sure that is enough.”.. he paused.... then handed me another bill a fifty. “That should do it. But if you run out drop by and we can fix that.” All the Ladies in the office had to ask about Carrie, I told them as much as I knew. I assured them I would keep them informed. There were a couple of them I would really like to inform. Like Dads Secretary,Coleen , a red haired green eyed Irish Lass not over 3 years older than me. Ooh but her big titties made me drool. I knew I had to get out of there before I embarrassed my self with the tent forming in my pants. She looked up at me and smiled. Boing that's it gotta run. I got in the truck and startedit but before I could pull away from the curb my cell phone rang. It was Tommy. “Hey Rafe, Tommy, I have to drive over to the Hospital and pick up Chibbi. Molly is going along since it is such a long trip. Three hours over, pick her up stop and eat. So let's say 4 hours back.” Any how what I wanted to ask you is would you go over and take my mom to the store.?” I told him,女子初尝黑人巨嗷嗷叫 “Yes I can do that for you.” Boing there it goes again. My mouth was dry and I was panting...surely within 7 hours we will find time to go to the store. I arrived at Tommy 's house I walked up on the porch and reached to ring the doorbell, before my finger reached the button the door opened and Yoko Reached out,grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. I looked at her with lust in my eyes and noticed that all she was wearing was a tee shirt. I bent down and she locked her arms around my neck and our lips met. Fire spread through out my body. I slid my hands down and cupped her butt cheeks and she leaped up wrapping her legs around my waist. I could feel the heat from her bare pussy thru my pants . I was in a quandary, I so wanted to get her all naked and to lick her slit but I also wanted to slide inside her and to pound that pussy. While I was having those thoughts and being attacked wit a wanton tongue. I had been working my pants down a little at a time til I felt them slip down my legs to nestle around my feet only to be kicked aside. I lifted her ass cheeks and aimed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly let her down which caused a wonderful sensation as my cock entered her. When we were pubic bone to pubic bone she pulled back from the kiss and said. “Recliner....you sit” I carried her to the recliner and turned around to sit down. Yoko grabbed the remote that was on the arm of the recliner, to get it out of the way I thought. I reclined the chair with my dick still in Yoko... she still had the remote in her hand... she pushed a button and began turning a dial... to my surprise the chair started to vibrate. Yoko smiled..” I ride you again.” and she began to twist her butt and to bounce around. I just lay there enjoying the vibration and the twisty up and down motion. Yoko began tightening and relaxing her pussy on my cock OOH all the different sensations was more than I could stand I began bucking and bouncing and shoving as deep as I could go. Then Yoko screamed and fell forward onto my chest. I grabbed her hips andtried to pull them further onto my cock. I could feel the head expanding then releasing as I sprayedrope after rope of cum into her womb. We just lay there with me still inside her. I pulled her tee shirt off and then mine so that her little bullet tits could rest upon my bare chest. The chair continued to vibrate nothing radical but created a tingling sensation in my body that transferred into hers. We lay there for and hour then Yoko began her pussy exercises again and it joined with the vibration finally caused us both to reach a climax. It was intense and subtle at the same time. We showered and washed each other which almost turned into another session. While I was dressing Yoko douchedfor later. Yoko got dressed and since she really did need to go to the store. We decided to get that out of the way and headedto Albertsons. By the time we got back and put the grocery’s away we were both ready. We left a trail from the kitchen to the Master Bedroom and by the time we reached the bed we were both completely nude. I picked her up and gently laid her on the bed with her legs still hanging off. I kissed deeply then played with her little tits. I always liked big tits... but her tiny ones just entranced me I could get her entire tit in my mouth at one time. The fun part was the nipples were highly sensitive...one nibble and she had shivers all over her body.. I left her desirable tits and kissed down to her belly button, she had an innie, I licked all around it then swirled my tongue around inside ...another shiver . I kissed my way on down to the thin coating of hair just above her slit. The small amount of hair felt like silk so soft which complimented the smoothness of her skin. I could see her button sticking out of her slit. I couldn't help my self I had to suckleher clitorisI placed my mouth over it and sucked it inside. I reached out with my teeth and nibbled her clit. I felt her legs rise up and cradle my head between them as she draped them over my shoulders. I continued to nibble on her clit . Her outer pussy lips were puffy and poutyand as I sucked one of the lips inside my mouth , tasty I might add. I worked on each side of her pussy till her body was difficult to hang on too...then and only then my tongue slid into the entrance of her pussy. … I slopped and I slurped I kissedand twisted my tongue till I felt I had reached every part of her pussy inside and out as I reached every petal of the flower of her sex and not to mention the five orgasms she had. As I raised up to move into position to insert my cock I had held on to her legs...they were still on my shoulders bringing her pussy to the perfect position to be entered. I slid in slowly just an inch at a time . Yoko was moving and grasping trying to pull me in at a faster pace but I continued my slow pace. Even as many times that we had gotten of I knew that neither of us would last very long this time I finally reached maximum penetration. I quickly pulled out til only the head was in her...I held there till I felt her ass began to move trying to draw me back inside. The tension became to much and I drove it home. Our movements became so erratic that we had covered the entire bed and was almost ready to hit the floor. When we both were grunting and I drove as deep as I could and my body froze. Yoko's head was twisting from on side to the other then her head came up to my chest and she froze. We both had reached our release point and I dumped a ton of cum in her receptive body...Then we melted and lay in each others arms.. Yoko looked at the bedside clock we had been at it so long time was running out . We had another shower and I left a satisfied Yoko we agreed we would try to get together again.