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I’m serious巨茎爆乳无码性色福利

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I’m serious巨茎爆乳无码性色福利

“Riley, I’m so jealous of you,” Danielle said as she lay on my bed looking up from her phone. “I’d give anything to have a body like yours. Just look at your fucking tits.They’re huge.”My best friend ogled my naked body for a moment while I tried on some of the clothes she brought over for me. “Put on this one.” She tossed me a red t-shirt with a white heart on the front. I’ll never get this fucking thing on.I slipped it over my head and arms, barely pulling it down over my breasts.“This is way too small.” “No, it’s not.You’d give every guy at school a hard-on if you walked in wearing that.”Danielle laughed and went back to scrolling through her phone. I slipped on a pair of tight white shorts that left part of my ass hanging out and crawled on the bed beside her.“What are you looking at?” Danielle shifted her phone where I could see it.A line of messages with photo attachments filled her inbox. She opened one after the other, all with dick picks attached. “I’m trying to decide who I want to fuck next.”She stopped on a message from a phone number I recognized.“Yum.” She licked her lips while she studied the guy’s cock on the screen. “Rich Harris.I haven’t had him yet.”“Well, I have.Don’t bother.”I rolled my eyes and thought back on that awful night.Danielle looked over at me with an expression of shock on her face.“You fucked Rich?Why didn’t you tell me?” “Yeah, it was a few weeks ago.I’ve always thought he was cute, so I let him pop my cherry. I didn’t really like it…and I know how much you love sex…so I was a little embarrassed to say anything.”It was more than I didn’t like it. I hated it.I don’t know if it was Rich, or me. But his cock pumping in and out of me hurt like hell. “No girl likes it their first time.So who else have you fucked and not told me?”Danielle looked ecstatic that I’d finally been deflowered. “Just Rich. No way could I deal with that pain again…ugh.” I squinted my face at the thought. Danielle laughed.“You have to keep doing it, Stupid. You’ll probably have an orgasm next time.And then you won’t be able to keep your legs closed.”Danielle reached over and poked my pussy through my shorts.“You’ll be a little slut just like me.”Danielle was definitely labeled a slut at school.Other girls didn’t like her, or me either, since she and I were friends.But Danielle got loads of attention from guys.They were always flirting with her.And once her phone number started circulating around, she received numerous messages with dick pics and propositions to fuck. I envied the attention she got from guys, which is why I fucked Rich Harris.I wanted to find out if sex was as great as Danielle said.I came away with the answer of, no.But maybe she’s right.You can’t judge anything by trying it only once. Time to try it again…if I can find a guy that turns me on enough. Danielle pulled up another pic and shoved it in front me.“Does this cock look familiar?”“Of course not.”Even though I liked looking at the picture, the guy's cock wasn’t familiar. And why would it be?The only one I’ve seen up close was Rich’s, and that was just for minute before he was inside me.“Well, it should.It’s Trevor’s.” A wicked grin spread across Danielle’s face.What the fuck?“My brother sent you a picture of his dick?”“Yeah.He wants to fuck me.”Danielle said it like it was no big deal, and I guess to her it probably wasn’t.After all, she gets loads of guys wanting to bang her.And now one of them was my brother.“Why would Trevor want to fuck you?He’s dating Megan Kesler…the head cheerleader…probably the hottest girl in school.”I couldn’t even wrap my head around the shit.Danielle ran her hand through her wavy black hair and shook her head like I was an idiot.“Riley, let me break this down for you.Trevor and Megan aren’t fucking. She’s a stuck-up prudish bitch.The only reason he’s dating her is for the status.He’s on the football team and one of the hottest guys in school, and she’s the head cheerleader. They make the perfect social couple and it makes sense they’d be together.But girls like Megan don’t have sex.They’re nothing but cock teases. That’s why he’s wants to fuck me.He’s horny as hell and knows I’ll give him what he wants.”“Are you going to fuck him?”My curiosity peaked.I had no idea Trevor and Megan weren’t having sex, according to Danielle anyway.I wasn't quite sure she always knew as much as she claimed to.But one thing was for sure, Trevor was trying to hook up with her.No doubt about that.“I’ve considered it. Trevor is hot.”Danielle looked over at me and gave me another devious grin.“But he’s your brother.You should be fucking him, not me.”“Are you crazy? That’s sick…even coming from you.”Danielle loved to shock with me sexual things she did, and some of it I found disgusting.Stuff like how she loved to swallow as much cum as some guy could pump down her throat, licking a guy’s ass, and letting two guys fuck her at the same time.She even let her step-dad fuck her twice that I know of.Now she’s trying to get me turned on to shit like that…even worse…she wants me to fuck my own brother.What a freak.Danielle raised her eyebrows at me. “Oh, come on.You can’t tell me you don’t think Trevor is hot.I don’t care if he is your brother.” Trevor is attractive.But we don’t exactly get along.We never have.And the thought of having sex with him was just weird.I’ve never even seen him totally naked. “I guess he’s okay.But there’s no way in hell he’d consider having sex with me.He acts like he hates my guts most of the time.” “You want to see a change in Trevor?Stop wearing frumpy shit like this all the time.” Danielle picked up one of my over-sized sweatshirts off the bed and dropped it back down after making a disgusted face.“Just strut around him in a skimpy outfit like you’ve got on now, and he’ll forget the fact you’re his sister.The only thing on his mind will be how bad he wants to get in your tight little pussy.”I laughed.“I’m not so sure about that.Besides, even if he wanted me, I don’t think I could get turned on enough to actually have sex with him.”Danielle stood up and grabbed my hand.“Come with me.”She led me down the hallway to my brother’s room.“Trevor is at football practice this afternoon, right?”“Yeah,” I said, puzzled about what she was up to. Danielle opened the door to Trevor’s room and I followed her in. We walked over all his clothes spread across the floor.Damn, he’s a slob.“Okay.Why are we in here?” If Trevor were to come home now, he’d kill me for being in his room.“I’ll tell you in one second.”Danielle shuffled a pair of jeans and boxers out of the way with her foot.She looked around the room at his clothes then reached down and picked up a jockstrap of Trevor’s—probably one he had stripped off after a practice. “This will do.”She held the crotch of the jockstrap up to her nose and took a deep inhale of it. She closed her eyes and had a dreamy smile on her face like a drug addict that had just got a fix of heroin. “Ewww.”I shook my head in disgust.“You really need help.” Danielle stuck the jockstrap up to my nose before I had to time to push her hand away.“Smell.”The musky, masculine scent of Trevor’s dick struck the inside of my nose and sent a strange sensation over me.“Go on. Take in some more.”Danielle smiled and forced me to inhale the smells of my brother’s cock again.“You like it, don’t you?” “Hell no.” I lied.It was crazy, but I did kind of like it.I took Trevor’s jockstrap out of her hand and held it back up to my nose, taking in a longer draw.My mouth watered at the scent this time.Thoughts of what it would be like to taste his dick churned in my mind along with a faint, lustful warmth pulsed between my legs. How good would it feel have his dick inside me?Okay, I needed to stop.This was sick. Danielle laughed.“I can see it’s turning you on.Stop fighting it.”“Shut up.Let’s get out of here.”Not wanting to admit she was right, I grabbed Danielle by the arm and pulled her out of my brother’s room with the jockstrap still in my other hand.We went back to my room and I shoved it under my bed.Danielle glanced at my alarm clock on my nightstand.“Shit.I’ve got to get home.”She stopped at my bedroom door and turned back. “If you chicken out with your brother, let me know.I’d love to satisfy him.”She laughed and strolled down the hall toward the back door.“Bye, Slut,” I yelled after her. I waited for as long as I could, until temptation took over.I pulled my brother’s jockstrap back out, held it and was about to enjoy another lusty inhale when I heard the front door slam.Must be Trevor.Dropping the strap, I hurried down the hall to the kitchen.I wanted to test Danielle’s theory and see if my brother would get turned on looking at the skin tight outfit I wore.Shit.“Oh, Riley,” Mom said scanning my appearance with utter disapproval. “Mom, I thought you were working late today.”Dammit, I’m not in the mood for a lecture.“I got off early because your grandmother needs me to help her do some things tonight.I’m on my way over there shortly.”Mom set her purse down and shook her head at me. “You look like a slut.Those aren’t your clothes.Are you hanging out with that Danielle again?”“Danielle’s my friend.”I hated it when Mom starts in on Danielle.“She’s a bad influence. Now she’s got you dressing like her.Don’t you know boys only want one thing?And you look like you want to give it to them when you wear things like that.”She motioned her hand up and down at the top and shorts I had on.My stomach tightened and anger swelled in me.Why is it okay for a guy to get laid as much as he wants, but if a girl likes sex then she’s a slut.“What about Trevor?Is he only after one thing?”Mom got an annoyed look on her face that I would suggest her son likes sluts.“Your brother is dating that nice girl, Megan.He’s not interested in the trashy ones, I can assure you.” Right, Mom.That’s why he’s sending dick pics to Danielle. I argued with Mom for a little longer and finally went to my room and waited on her to leave. After she was gone to Grandma’s,I did like I was told and changed.But unfortunately Mom wouldn’t like what I put on next either.The thin, white t-shirt I wore accentuated my large breasts even more than the red shirt did. My pink nipples faintly showed through the fabric. And the imprint slit of my pussy was evident in the pink cotton panties I wore.Danielle was right.I liked wearing sexy things more than all the baggy clothes I wore before.The backdoor slammed again and Trevor’s voice grew louder as he came up the hallway toward his room.Sounded like he was on the phone.I crept quietly to his door, which he didn’t shut behind him all the way, and peeked in.Trevor turned his phone on speaker, set it down on his dresser, pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it on the floor.“Yeah, I’m serious, Mark.I’ve got a case of blue balls I’m so fucking horny.Megan still won’t let me fuck her.Can you believe that shit?”Damn.Danielle was right.I admired Trevor’s pecs and muscular arms from his cracked bedroom door while he continued to undress and talk to his best friend.“Why don’t you get with that chick, Danielle,” Mark’s voice echoed from the phone speaker.“She’s fucked half the guys in school.”I slammed my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing.“I’ve tried, but she hasn’t answered my texts.She’s probably too busy with all the other cock she’s getting.”Trevor laughed joined by Mark’s.“I need to find a cock-hungry slut who’ll let me fuck her as much as I want until Megan is ready to start spreading her legs.”“When you do, let me know,” Mark said and then laughed again.“Alright, dude.Gotta go now.Later.”Trevor swiped his phone to end the call and unbuttoned his jeans. I held my breath as he pushed them down freeing his semi hard cock.The sight of it sent warm tingles between my legs.Trevor kicked his pants off stretched out on his bed, grabbed his dick and stroked it.My mouth watered and I leaned in close to the open crack of the door to get a better glimpse.Unfortunately I leaned in too far and lost my balance, knocking the door completely open.“What the fuck!” Trevor yelled.He grabbed the sheet and pulled it over his hard-on.“Are you getting off by spying on me?”Shit. I went in his room and shut the door.“I wasn’t spying.I wanted to ask you something.”Trevor’s annoyance faded from his face when he saw the revealing clothes I had on."Well, ask it and get the hell out here." I went over and sat on the side of his bed facing him.“Mom said I look like a slut now that I’m hanging around Danielle, and that boys are only going to want one thing from me.But I don’t care.I’m tired of not getting any attention from boys and being inexperienced. So I want your opinion.Do you like the way I look, or should I go back to wearing baggy clothes that don’t show my body.”Trevor scanned me up and down and stopped on my breasts. His eyes widened and he licked his lips.“Uh…you look okay.”He seemed a little unsure how to answer since he was my brother.Time to take it to next level then.I pulled my t-shirt off over my head and gave Trevor full view of my tits. “Fuck,” Trevor said and licked his lips again. His sheet began to move up and down where he was obviously stroking his cock.“I didn’t know you had tits that huge.You’re always wearing big, loose clothes.Definitely stop wearing them if you want to get a guy's attention.”I giggled.“So my breasts look good enough to turn a guy on?” “Hell yeah.But like I said, there’s no use in doing that unless you’re going to fuck.You’ll just be another cock-tease. And there are too many of them around here as it is.” Trevor continued to stroke his cock under the sheet while he ogled my body.“I do want to fuck.Danielle says it’s great.But I’m still a virgin,” I lied.Remembering how turned on Rich Harris got when he found out I was a virgin, I figured I’d see if it worked on my brother. “Oh, shit.” Trevor’s eyes grew bigger.“Have you sucked a guy’s cock before?”I stared at him stroking himself under the sheet and ran my tongue around the outside of my lips.“Not yet.” Trevor stared at me for a moment with a hungry gaze then pulled the sheet down, exposing his beautiful cock. He must have seen an expression of pure lust covering my face. “Looks good, doesn’t it?”My mouth watered uncontrollably as I examined his long, hard dick. Trevor stroked it slow while I watched.“You wanna taste it?” I nodded again and moved closer, but guilty doubts invaded my head.What am I doing?I’m about to taste my brother’s cock.This is all wrong.Not just wrong, but fucking sick.This is-Trevor slipped one hand behind my head and moved my face over his dick. The familiar intoxicating male scent that came from his jockstrap drifted into my nose and I immediately became overwhelmed with a hunger to have him in my mouth.My tongue licked the tip of his dick and tasted the salty sweet taste of his pre-cum for the first time. Fuck, it’s good.I licked his shaft and ran my tongue all the way down, exploring his full, round balls and then back up again.Mmmmm.Wasting no more time, I wrapped my mouth around his entire cock and took it in with Trevor’s hand guiding my head all the way down until it hit the back of my throat causing me to gag a little.It didn’t take me long to get the hang of giving head though.“Oh, fuck,女子初尝黑人巨嗷嗷叫”Trevor whispered. He watched me bob up and down on his rod in-between closing his eyes occasionally from the obvious pleasure I gave him.“Keep sucking it.You'll be a pro before long, Sis.” I followed his direction and sucked harder so his dick would expel more of that delicious cream.Now I knew why Danielle loved giving blow jobs so much. I could do this all day.Just as I picked up the pace of working his cock over with my mouth,he pulled me off him.“Whoa,I don’t want to blow my load before I’m able to get in your pussy.”Trevor pushed me on my back and ran his fingers under the elastic of my panties, sliding them down and off my legs. His gaze took in my entire naked body with a look of hungry lust on his face.“Fuck. Your tits are incredible.”Trevor’s mouth dove on one while his hand squeezed it, forcing watery milk to seep out of my nipple which he lapped up and sucked. I moaned at the painful pleasure of him milking me.Fingers from his other hand slipped inside my pussy and massaged my clit.He pressed in deeper making me squirm. “I don’t know if you’re lying about being a virgin, but, shit…you’re tight.”He continued fucking me with his fingers and sucking my tits for a while, sending my body into a euphoric frenzy.I’d never felt this kind of pleasure before and didn’t want it to stop.Trevor released his grip on my tit and moved on top of me, spreading my thighs open.The assault he gave my nipple with his mouth moved to the lips of my pussy.His warm tongue went in deep and I grabbed the back of his head as he lubed me.He lifted his mouth up and looked at me from between my legs. “Shit.I don’t think I have a rubber.Are you on the pill?”Luckily Danielle talked me into getting on birth control weeks ago before I hooked up with Rich.She’d told me guys aren’t always prepared, so I needed to be ready if I wanted some dick.Trevor already had me so worked up.And all I wanted now was him inside me. I also knew from Danielle that guys get turned on by different things.No doubt Trevor was about to explode at the thought of fucking me—his own sister.But I wanted to push his excitement even further.“I’m not on the pill.” I lied, watching disappointment cross my brother’s face.“Um…I’ll still let you fuck me though.” A frenzied look of lust shot over Trevor. “You sure?”I nodded and stared at his huge dick just inches from going inside me. He spread my legs open wide and moved his body up on top of mine so his muscled chest pressed against my sore breasts.The head of his cock spread my pussy lips apart as he worked himself inside me.“Fuck, you feel good.But you need to get on the pill,” he whispered in my ear and continued to work himself in deeper.“Let’s hope I don't knock you up.Mom would shit.”Damn, just what I figured. The pregnancy risk actually turned him on even more.Who would have thought the chance of knocking up your sister would appeal to some guys?Trevor finally shoved his thick shaft all the way inside me and moaned.I gasped from the immediate pain and almost wanted to tell him to stop.Memories of my first fuck a few weeks ago came back.But the heat and fricition of Trevor's cock moving against my clit while he pumped in and out, drove me wild with pleasure. Being fucked by him was a whole different experience than it had been with Rich.My hands ran across Trevor’s wide shoulders, down his back and to the solid round cheeks of his ass.I grabbed them and squeezed on every thrust he pumped me in me. I had no idea sex would feel this incredible.Everything Danielle told me was true.Nothing’s better than cock. Trevor fucked me harder and faster.His grunts told me he was close to filling my pussy with his entire load.I lifted my legs so he could get in deeper.“Fuck yeah,” Trevor said between heavy breaths.“I’m gonna come.” I didn’t wait on him and gave myself over to the ecstasy he drilled between my thighs.I clenched his back and let my juices flood around his cock.Explosions of pleasure shot through every cell of my body.My pussy tightened around Trevor’s dick and triggered his release.“Fuck…oh, fuck.”Trevor’s body tensed up on top of me as he shot his load deep inside my canal.His hot cum filled my insides and gushed out down my thighs while he continued to pump in and out of my pussy, draining his balls of every drop.Finally, after he had nothing left in him, his sweaty body rolled off me as we both tried to catch our breath.I glanced at the clock on Trevor’s dresser. “I better take a shower and get back to my room.Mom will be home soon.I don’t even want to think about what she’d do if she knew what just happened.”I sat up with the puddle of my brother’s cum under me.“You better change your sheets.”I laughed.I scampered back to my room before Mom returned.After taking a shower, I slid into my own bed and replayed the fuck session Trevor and I had over in my head and wondered how soon it would happen again. ***The next morning I woke up a little sore, but horny as hell again.The thought of Trevor giving me another orgasm with his hot cock was the only thing on my mind.Luckily it was Saturday which meant Mom would be gone to every yard sale in town.After I checked out the window to make sure she'd left, I stripped out of my nightshirt and went to my brother’s room, positive he’d be ready to fuck again.Shit.He wasn’t in his room.I checked around the house but couldn't find him.His boss probably called him in early to the part-time job he worked on weekends.Knowing I’d have to wait for sex made me even hornier.You always want what you can’t have. But there was nothing I could do about it at the moment.It was warm out, so I put on a bikini Danielle had brought me to wear.I figured I could lay out in the sun a while, but would make sure I changed before Mom got home.The bikini was bright red, skimpy and tight, and the top covered my nipples and not much else.The curves of my tits hung out on the sides.I was about to head out to the back yard when the doorbell rang.When I answered the door it was Trevor’s friend, Mark.“Hey, Danielle…oh, shit,” Mark said when he saw me in my bikini.“Uh, is Trevor home?He didn’t answer my text this morning.”Mark’s gaze roamed over my body, and he obviously liked what he saw.A large bulge grew in his shorts the longer he stared. “He must have got called in to work today,” I said.“Mom’s gone too.You want to come in and hang out?”I’d always thought Mark was really cute and even had a crush on him for a while.But he’s never given me the time of day, at least until now. Mark looked around for a moment like he was afraid the neighbors were watching, and then back at my almost nude body I flaunted in front of him.“Uh…yeah, I guess I can hang out for little while.” He followed me in the house, now with a raging boner that begged to be released.“Do you mind helping me in my bedroom for a minute?”I gave him a seductive smile, or at least tried to.And it appeared to work because he nodded and followed me to my room.I had no idea when Trevor would be back, and sordid desires controlled my current actions. “Could you pull my dresser out a bit?I think I dropped and earring behind it.”That wasn’t a lie.I did drop one the other day, but had been too lazy to move the dresser to get it.“Okay, no problem.”Mark looked a little nervous, but slid my dresser out from the wall.My earring sparkled on the floor and I picked it up.“Oh, Mark, how can I thank you?.” I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my body against his hard cock. “Really, it was no big deal.”He let out a small laugh.“Um, you better let go.If Trevor caught me in your room like this, he’d probably kick my ass.” “Trevor’s not home. Besides, he wouldn’t care anyway.”I moved my hand to Mark’s hard-on and massaged it.“I’ve always wanted to feel how big you were.”“Are you fucking serious?If I knew you were this hot under those drabby clothes you always wear, I would have tried to get with you a long time ago, whether your brother liked it or not.”Mark unbuttoned his shorts and jerked them down, allowing his cock to spring free from restraint.I dropped to my knees and swallowed his shaft.Once again, my hunger for cock clouded any sound judgment that I had.Now I was sucking off my brother’s best friend.I deep-throated Mark’s cock over and over and didn’t gag once.Swallowing him until his balls hit my chin, and taking in that masculine scent I’d grown to love when my nose brushed the trimmed hair above his dick, drove my wild with excitement.Drops of pre-cum swirled in my mouth as I sucked.It tasted slightly different than Trevor’s, but still yummy. Cock-sucking was becoming one of my favorite things to do with guys, but I wanted to try something different with Mark—maybe something I could impress Trevor with later.I pulled my mouth off Mark's cock,yanked his shirt up over his head, and pushed him back on my bed.His body was toned and not quite as muscular as Trevor’s, but he was still hot. And I wanted him to pleasure me with it.“Fuck…Riley…oh, fuck,” Mark whispered when I mounted his rock hard cock and slid down on top of it. His hands trailed up my stomach to my tits. He squeezed and played with them while I rode him up and down. I remembered Danielle told me she loved being on top and it was her favorite position. Now I knew why.Having control of Mark’s cock on my clit was perfection.I leaned forward so I could get him inside me deeper. The warm, euphoric sensations surged through my body.“Mark…fuck…your cock is so good.” Mark closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip as I rode his dick fast and hard.No doubt my pussy would make him blow his wad soon.“Go on, fuck him harder.”Trevor’s voice suddenly echoed across my bedroom.I stopped and Mark’s eyes flew open.We both looked over at Trevor standing in the doorway naked and jacking his cock."I thought you were at work," I said, not knowing how he'd react to me fucking his best friend."I was, but I told my boss I felt sick and needed to leave.The truth was, I wanted to get in your pussy again.But looks like ole Mark beat me to it."“Dude, I…I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Mark sputtered.“Your sister's a fucking nympho.I came by to see you and she was all over my dick.”Trevor laughed and came over to the bed behind me. “Yeah, I know.Just wish I’d found out sooner.It would have saved me a ton of fucking sexual frustration.” He popped me on the ass with his hand.“Why did you stop?Keep riding Mark’s dick.” I didn’t say anything, but instead obeyed Trevor. Leaning forward, I bobbed up and down on Mark’s rod. Trevor spat on his fingers and slid them into the crack of my ass."I want to fuck this.”He leaned up close to the back of my neck.“Think you can take two cocks at once?”What?No way was I ready to try that.“I don’t think—Fuck!”Pain shot deep in my ass when Trevor pushed inside me from behind splitting my hole apart.I gasped and tried to catch my breath.“Shit, that hurts, Trevor!”Trevor slid out of me and quickly back in.“It’ll get easier.Just give it a minute.”He pumped my ass to match the rhythm I moved withon Mark’s dick.Slowly the pain disappeared and pleasure like I’d never felt replaced it.Having two hot guys fuck me in my pussy and ass at the same time sent me into a lust-filled delirium I didn't want to leave.T he carnal grunts of Mark and Trevor preparing to unload their cum inside me drowned out my moans of pleasure.Trevor pulled his cock out of my ass and moved in front of me beside Mark.He grabbed my head and pulled it down, forcing his dick in my mouth.“Suck it, Sis.Fucking drain me.”He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, preparing to release all the pressure built up in his balls.Mark grabbed my hips while I rode him harder.“Fuck, I’m gonna come.”His load shot up into me the same time I orgasmed all over cock. I moaned and sucked Trevor until he couldn’t take it anymore.The cream I couldn't get enough of gushed into my mouth and down my throat.Trevor cupped the back of my head and face fucked me while I sucked every drop from his balls.“Take it all, Sis.You fucking slut.”I didn’t mind being called a slut by my brother because I already knew I would be turned into a sex addict after this.Andbefore long, I even taught Danielle a few things.Whenever Mom was out of the house, Trevor’s cock was inside me.Mark fucked me on a regular basis too.Of course, as guys always do, neither one couldkeep from bragging to their buddies about how they were nailing me.So I wracked up more dick pics and propositions from guys than Danielle.She was a little jealous which amused me. I didn’t care if people were calling me a slut behind my back, or the fact boys just wanted me for sex. I loved cock too much to stop. And I couldn't figure out why my brother's girlfriend, Megan, and the host of her other prudish friends were so afraid of dick.Because dick was all Danielle and I thought about.It was all we wanted.