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I would see her panties久久亚洲精品无码网站

Chapter 1: Meeting an Old FriendMany of the people around me stood up, eager to deboard, but I preferred to stay seated. A few minutes passed and those in front of me had made their way off of the plane. I stood, grabbed my suitcase, and walked to the front of the plane.“Thank you for flying with us,” said the young flight attendant. I thanked her and left the plane, passing by those who had checked their luggage. I made my way to the arrival gate where I anticipated being greeted by an old friend I had not seen for many years. Her name was Samantha and we had gone to college together. She studied biology, like most hot girls, while I studied mathematics. We would frequently take classes together and were complimentary study buddies, we frequently remarked.Seattle was surprisingly sunny, the skies were a bright blue and the temperature was an ideal 75ish degrees Fahrenheit. As I approached the doors at the arrival entrance, I had to squint as my eyes adjusted to the midday sun. I then heard a voice call my name.“Edward! Oh, Edward, over here!” I turned slightly to my right, smiled as I recognized my old friend and greeted her graciously. Samantha was more beautiful than I had remembered her being. She had shoulder length blonde hair, styled in a most complimentary way. She dressed in a business formal gray suit, which consisted of a fitted, knee length skirt, a white blouse and fitted suit jacket. She looked very classy. She was a woman that had grace and elegance in her every move.“My car is just out front,” she said.“Thank you again for picking me up, Samantha,” I said. She turned her head and looked at me for only a brief moment as we walked, her vibrant blue eyes locked with mine quickly before looking again away.In that fraction of a second, she seemed to see directly into my soul. But perhaps I was just imagining it.I tossed my suitcase in her trunk and entered the small sedan. She looked into her left mirror as she pulled away from the curve, turning her hazards off as she did. I looked at her beautiful face, her soft, succulent lips, and the side of her ample breast peeking through the buttons of her blouse. She then turned and smiled at me, which startled me for a moment.We made small talk as she drove my to my hotel. She told me about her job at a biomedical engineering startup. She told me about her 2 year old son. She told me about her husband and how they had married after meeting in graduate school. I shared with her my excitement for my new job here in Seattle as an accountant. She seemed very pleased that we could now start rekindling our friendship. “I'm sorry we can't get a late lunch or something today. I need to pick my son up from daycare.” Samantha told me. “No worries. I understand. We will have plenty of time to catch up, since I will be living here.” I laughed. We then drove up to the hotel. “It's really good to see you,” Samantha said.“You too,” I said. She leaned over and hugged me. She was wearing a mild perfume, which was quite lovely. I left the vehicle, grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and waived to her as she pulled away. After checking in, I turned my attention to finding a proper apartment. I should have done this earlier but hadn't a chance to do so. The next day was Saturday and I started working officially at my new job on Monday. Samantha and I had plans to catch up, as her husband would be out of town for the weekend. We had arranged for her to pick me up, but she got busy. I suggested that I just take a taxi and would arrive about 10am. At 10am, I paid the driver and stepped out of the taxi. Samantha's home was a very clean, two story ranch style house. I rang the bell and Samantha opened the door. She was wearing a short, fitted skirt with a light blue, low cut, sleeveless blouse that appeared to be made of two layers of silky material. It was immediately clear that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples became erect as the cool outside air touched them. She easily had double D breasts and they were perfectly shaped, and clearly natural. They danced freely behind her blouse as she moved.“Please come in,” she said, “How was your cab ride?”“It was fine, thank you for asking. I love Seattle's skyline.” I said as I stepped into her home. I slipped off my shoes and followed her into the sitting room. Her small two year old child was playing with his toys on the floor. The house was very neat and had excellent lighting. There was lovely artwork on the walls and several bookshelves. Samantha was also an avid reader.“Would you like something to drink? We have water, milk, juice, coffee or tea.” she said. “Water would be great. Thank you.” I said.“Of course, just a sec,” she said. A moment later, Samantha came back with two glasses of water, one she handed me and the other she placed on the coffee table. She sat in the chair across from me but then reached down to help her child with a toy. As she leaned down, I was given a glimpse of her stunning cleavage. I felt guilty looking at a married woman's body, but I could not at all help it. Samantha was a sight to behold. “This is my son, Adrian,” she said, “He is my life, but also a little trouble maker. Aren't you, Adrian?” She rubbed his tiny back as she spoke. Her breasts gently swayed as she did. Could she possibly be intentionally displaying herself to me? I drank some water and tried to look away.“You have stunning artwork! Is it a local author?” I asked.“Yes it is! She is a friend of mine. I love her work and I feel good investing in a friend's business. She gives me a discount too. I'm sure she would for you as well, if you are interested.” Samantha said.“I certainly am! My new home is going to need some decorating. I want it to look nice for the ladies,” I said with a corny chuckle. She giggled, smiled and crossed her arms, pushing her breasts together and enhancing their already magnificent form. “I'm sure you get many visitors,” she said, blushing for a second and then looking away. “I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on your new job! Congrats! When do you start?” she said, oddly and abruptly changing the subject.“Monday,” I said, “I'm looking forward to it. And the people there are great! I already know a couple of them from graduate school.”“How fortunate! I must say, I thought you were rather happy working for Intel.” She said.“I was, and the pay was amazing, but this company gives me more responsibility and will have much greater payoff financially in the long term, potentially. I'm not a huge fan of California these days either...” I said. I was just about to go into the details of it when I noticed that Samantha's blouse, around and below her nipples, was oddly wet. It occurred to me that she must still be breastfeeding her son, which explains why her boobs are much larger than I had remembered. “Uhmm... I think you're leaking there.” I said, suspecting that saying it now would likely mitigate future discomfort.“My God! I'm so sorry! Some days I feel like a human cow!” she joked. “I produce many times more milk than Adrian can drink and it makes life challenging,” she said. “Thankfully, I can work from home most days and nurse him. It certainly beats pumping in the bathroom at work,” she went on, while rolling her eyes.I listened intently with, no doubt, a slightly surprised face.“Oh gosh. I'm sorry, you probably don't want to hear all of this,” she said.“No!” I objected, perhaps too aggressively, “I mean, I don't mind. It is clearly important to you and I want to know about the things that are important to you.”“Aww... Thank you Edward. That is very sweet of you to say,” she said. “...Adrian is hungry. Do you mind if I feed him under a blanket?” she asked.“Not at all. Have at it, the kid's gotta eat” I said, trying to play it cool. Samantha lifted Adrian from the floor with a hop. Holding the child against her chest, I could see the side of her boob bulging and fold slightly from the arm holes of her sleeveless blouse. She walked to a nearby cupboard, opened it and withdrew a light pink and white plaid blanket. She sat back down in her chair holding her son and covered herself with the blanket. She then slipped the sleeves of her blouse off both of her shoulders. This allowed her blouse to bunch up around her waist under the blanket freeing her breasts for use. She did this quickly and was clearly a pro. “Just a moment,” she said with a smile full of white teeth then pulled the blanket up over her head. She adjusted the baby so he could nurse comfortably. “Okay, I'm back,” she said with a playful smirk as she lowered the blanket. “I like to feel him on my skin when I nurse. It's supposed to increase the child-mother bond,” she continued.“I've heard that too,” I said, admiring the careful attention she was giving to her son's well being. She was clearly a first-class mother. “Can I get you anything?” I asked. “Yes, actually! Would you hand me my glass of water?” she asked. I got up, grabbed her water glass from the coffee table and handed it to her. Adrian was nursing from her right breast. She pulled her left arm from beneath the blanket, exposing part of her left breast as she did. I saw little more than one would see if she wore a bikini, but my heart rate still increased. “That was close,” she said as she pulled the blanket up over her left breast. At that moment she noticed several white milk droplets on her arm. Clearly milk was pressed or otherwise trickled out of her left breast and onto her left arm. Samantha, without losing a moment, licked the milky droplets from her arm. She then stopped suddenly - realizing that her instincts had betrayed her for she was not alone. She slowly looked up at me and said, “Yummy?” with an uncertain smile.I was, speaking mildly, stunned and incredibly turned on. I wrestled to compose myself and said, “Taste good?” I couldn't think, unfortunately, of anything witty or clever to say! She took the water glass from me, had a small drink and placed it on the end table beside her.“Actually, my milk tastes really good,” she said with a playfully defensive tone, “you should try it sometime.” This startled me greatly and I nearly tripped on her coffee table on the way to my seat. “Haha! Very funny!” I smiled and laughed, hoping she would not notice my blushing. She laughed also and we changed the subject. She moved Adrian and nursed from her other breast after a while and we chatted about work, recent vacations, old friends and so on for about half an hour. “I should put him to bed. He will be out for several hours before he's hungry again,” she said. She carefully stood up without putting her blouse back on. She simply held the blanket over her with her free hand. This offered me a full view of her back and a small peek at the side of her breast. Her waste was small and trim, her skin was perfectly smooth and a creamy almond-white color. When she returned she was wearing a light blue silk robe that was rather short, it extended perhaps only half way to her knees and was tied at the waist, which essentially put her breasts on display. “I changed into my robe... I'm a big fan of being comfortable in my home,” she said, “There's another one if you would like it.”“Haha! No thanks, I'm good,” I said after clearing my throat. I couldn't help but think, “Am I missing something? Why is she acting like this? She's a married woman for Christ's sake!”“Since Adrian is sleeping, we have the whole place to ourselves. How about we watch a movie together, just like the old days?” she said. “After all of my recent traveling, that actually sounds really good,” I said. I then looked around but saw no television.“Oh, yeah, we have a huge 4K TV but it's in the bedroom. That is okay, right?” she said as she noticed my bewildered expression.“I suppose so... But won't your husband possibly be put off by us watching TV on your bed?” I asked, hesitantly.“Don't worry about him,” Samantha said, “I'm pretty sure he's cheating on me right now on his so-called business trip. I had my suspicions and finally called his office and they said they don't know anything about any business trip this weekend or any of the other weekends.” She seemed dismayed and shook her head. “But never mind that! We are supposed to be having fun,” she said with a smile and bounce in her step—and her tits.I wasn't sure where this was going, but had suspicions I would like it. “Alright! Let's do this!” I said. “Do you want popcorn? I'm going to make some,” Samantha said as she stepped into the kitchen.“Sure. I'll eat some,” I said. While the the corn popped, we suggested to each other one movie then another. Finally, we decided on watching a series on Netflix instead. She had recently started watching The Office and I said I would watch it with her. I had already finished the whole series, enjoyed it immensely and was certainly up for reruns. We moved to the bedroom where she had her 55 inch 4K TV setup at the end of the bed. Samantha jumped carelessly onto the bed and scooched over to make room for me. A couple pieces of popcorn fell from its bowl as she did and she quickly snatched and devoured them. She then patted the bed beside her and said, “Get up here! Don't be shy, I haven't grown to bite in my old age.” However, Samantha was hardly old. She was 32 and still looked like she was in her early twenties, only her body was more, how shall I say, developed.I got up on the bed, setting less than a foot from her on her right side. We started watching The Office from the last episode she had seen. After a minute or so she turned the lights off to better enjoy the show. The room was illuminated by the large television in brief flashes. Her bed was incredibly comfortable and her many large pillows made it easy to sit upright. She ate popcorn in a trance while enjoying the show, occasionally offering some to me. I had an excellent view of her cleavage and she knew it. As she sunk into the soft bedding, her silk robe was pulled upward exposing most of her thighs. She would cross her legs left over right then, after a few moments, right over left. Her long, sensual legs were as soft and smooth as the silk of her robe, perhaps more so.It was nearly noon when she said, “I know it's a poor lunch, but would you like some wine, crackers and cheese? It sounds really good to me!” “Yeah, sure! Why not? It's Saturday.” I said. Samantha told me to stay and she ran out of the room. Soon, she returned with a tray holding a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a simple plate of crackers and cheese. She poured us both healthy glasses of the wine and placed the crackers and cheese between us. We ate until there were only crumbs remaining and then refilled our glasses. By the next episode, we had finished the whole bottle and I was a little buzzed.We were both enjoying the show and each others' company. Samantha then raised her left leg, bending at the knee such that her left foot was near her right knee. Her robe slid, revealing more of her leg's inner thigh. If I were to lean forward by about a foot, I would see her panties, assuming she was wearing any. My heart began to race and I looked down to see if the boner I felt was visible as well. To my relief, my pants kept it aimed along a leg.My thoughts were then interrupted when Samantha said, “Why haven't you kissed me yet?!”“What?! Uhhmm, I didn't know—I mean, I want to! But should I? What about your, uhh, you know??” I rambled aimlessly. “God, you are such an accountant...” Samantha said rolling her eyes in an exaggerated motion.“Hey! What does--” I started to say but then stopped mid sentence as Samantha swung her leg over my body, straddling me,色婷婷综合久久久久中文 leaned in and began kissing me in a single motion. Her lips felt amazing! They were like velvet and her energy was that I had never experienced before. I subconsciously pulled her toward me, my right hand on her lower back and my left behind her head. Her scent was intoxicating. Her arms wrapped around my head, her hands in my hair. We kissed passionately. She was eager to explore my mouth with her tongue and I sucked it in then kissed her deeply. Time was lost as we drank from each other. Our breath was heavy and she pressed her body against mine in rhythm, grinding her womanhood against the rock hard cock in my pants.Taking a moment to breath, Samantha pulled herself toward me, smothering my face in the impressive cleavage formed by her heavy, milk laden breasts that hung from her chest. The air near her body was hot and infused with her womanly scent. Her soft skin and the robe's silk brushed my face as she moved. My hands ran up and down along the side of her back, starting below her arms and ending with my hands on her ass, pressing her down against my throbbing cock. She would then grind on me and I could hear her moaning in anticipation of what was to come. She then began to sit up, kissing my lips as she did. Her hands left my body and pulled loose the ribbon around her waist. She gazed into my eyes as her light blue robe parted. My eyes left her gaze and trailed down her body, viewing her slightly open lips, her tender neck, her stunning cleavage that displayed magnificently the inner part of her large, natural, breasts all the way down until they turned to form the most perfect shape. Further down I saw her trim waist and, to my incredible surprise, her panty-less, shaved pussy, still grinding in a little circle motion. Her pussy was clearly wet and had made little wet spots on my pants were she was sitting. Her pussy lips were slightly open and seemed rather welcoming.I looked back to Samantha's face and she was smiling, knowing that I liked what I saw. With a giggle she leaned down to me again and resumed kissing me. We kissed with renewed passion, she pulled her robe apart, while still pressing against me. She shrugged and squeezed her shoulders as she pulled her robe free of her body, tossing it on the bed where she once was. We continued to kiss as her bare breasts and wet pussy pressed against me.Not a moment later, she sat up and began unbuttoning my shirt. Her breasts were finally exposed completely. They were far more impressive than I could have imagined. They were large to be sure, but still had the most perfect, feminine shape. Her nipples were a beautiful light brown color, with a hint of red, and were quite large, but their proportion, and that of her areolas, were perfectly suited to the size of her breasts. It was no wonder they so easily pushed through her clothing. They were almost like gummy bears, and certainly seemed as edible!I looked down to watch her finish unbuttoning and noticed two large wet spots on my shirt. “Oh, is that from...?” I began to ask.Samantha giggled briefly, then smiled and bit her lip in a very seductive way and said, “Should I have not pressed my breasts against you?”“Haha! There's no point crying over spilt milk!” I joked and we both chuckled. As she spread open my shirt, she was pleased to see that I had taken good care to exercise. My pecks were well developed and I had chiseled abs. She leaned down toward me and kissed my chest. I could feel her warm breasts touch my abs. I could even make out her soft nipples poking me, as they were rather hard at the time. My heart raced as she kissed her way lower toward my pants. I ran my fingers through her lush blonde hair as she kissed my abs playfully. As she went lower and lower, her ass jutted upward. Her waist was narrow, but her ass was pleasantly large, like a plump heart shape. It was truly perfect and clearly meant for fucking. Between her ass and her tits, she had all of the right curves.Samantha then unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my zipper. She was becoming impatient. She grabbed both sides of my pants, and boxers, and pulled them down. Her eyes widened as my rather large cock sprung upward. “Oh, my! Perhaps you should come back after I've had a few more children?...” she said, half jokingly.Her jaw was still dropped in awe of my throbbing, ten inch meat stick. Without closing her mouth, she sunk down to taste the head of my cock. First she licked the precum off the tip and then kissed it. I could feel her hot breath passing over my dick, making it twitch and throb. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and pushed it over my cock. It just barely fit in her warm, wet mouth hole. With her left hand on my thigh and her right stroking my cock, she pushed my meat against the back of her throat, gagging herself as she did. Then she would suck mercilessly while she withdrew. When her mouth only covered the head of my cock, she then sucked in rhythm, pulling on it with her mouth while she sucked. Her cheeks pulled inward and I could see the outline of the head of my dick. It felt so good, as if the head of my cock was going to explode. “Gaahhh!! FUUUHH! That feels so good, baby!” I groaned. If she kept this up, I wasn't going to last long.I finally couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her arms near her shoulders and pulled her mouth off my cock. When her mouth came free, there was a “Pop!” sounds from the incredible suction she was applying. I gently yanked her toward me and we kissed intensely. I could feel her heart racing even through her large breasts. Her breathing was hot and deliberate. Our eyes were closed tightly. Our arms wrapped around each other as we lost all sense of time and space.We rolled over to her side of the bed and she instinctively wrapped her legs around me. My cock was being forced upward between us. The buttoned of my shaft was grinding against her sensitive clit. Her legs squeezing me, her arms exploring my powerful back aimlessly but with great haste.I began to kiss her cheek, then the lobes of her ears, biting then gently. She moaned with pleasure. I kissed below her jaw, then her neck. Savoring the intense pleasure of exploring her body with all of my senses. Her skin was soft but radiated with intense heat. Her intoxicating smell drove my wild with lust. I kissed her collar bone and the top of her chest. As I kissed her lower, I noticed the layer of cushiony fat under her skin increasing. I kissed all over the top of her chest where her breasts began. I then kissed my way between her ample tits. Lying on her back, her ample bosom relaxed and spread outward, without, however, becoming flat or unshapely. I ran my hands over her shoulders and down to the sides of her breasts. Her eyes were still closed, her lips slightly parted, as she breathed deeply, enjoying the attention I was paying her. I pressed her breasts together, making note of their surprising weight. I drowned myself in her deep cleavage. My face become hot from the heat of her body. I kissed and licked at her flesh. Her breathing become audible, hiding in it whispers that could barely be made out, “Oh, Jesus, fuck...oh, baby...oh, God...yeess...fuuck...yeah, baby...ahhh...”I kissed my way up the side of her breast starting from her cleavage. Her breast was hot and smelt sweet and the skin of her breast was remarkably soft. But then, the texture changed and became almost bumpy, yet softer still. I was now kissing her areola. I could even suck a small nibble of her skin into my mouth as I kissed. I could tell she was enjoying it. As I came closer to her erect nipple, the skin became bunched up slightly, though still very soft. My mouth immediately wrapped itself around her right nipple. My tongue pressing on it, inspecting it, exploring its perfection.Placing her hands behind my head, she pulled my face against her breast. All this time, still grinding her hard clit against my raw shaft. As my lips pressed down around her nipple, a small spurt of liquid entered my mouth. It had a mild sweetness and was quite pleasant. Without removing the nipple I swallowed. The act of swallowing created a negative pressure that pulled another spurt of milk from her nipple.“Oh, yes... Suck my nipple... The release feels so good.” Samantha said as she pulled my head again against her breast.I needed no more encouragement. I sucked her nipples into my mouth mightily. Warm, sweet milk sprayed against the back of my throat. I repeated this in rhythm, sucking and pulling on her delicate milk maker. I could feel the milk sloshing inside my mouth and I swallowed. It tasted wonderful! “Be sure to share, silly” Samantha said as she guided me to her other nipple, which was already dripping. I grabbed and squeezed her left breast with both of my hands while nursing it with my mouth, sucking and rhythmically tugging at her nipple. She could no doubt feel me drinking the milk from her swollen breast, but not to the point of discomfort.My mouth filled with her mother juice and I carefully released her ripe nipple. She pulled my lips to hers and we kissed. She greedily drank her own milk from my mouth, sucking, swallowing, kissing and tonguing me nearly all at the same time.“Didn't I tell you you should try my milk? I wasn't wrong, was I?” she whispered.“You certainly were not! But, I want to taste another part of you,” I said, opening my eyes to look into hers.“Hmmm... I would like that. And, by the way, my “other part” is much sweeter.” with this she giggled, smiled and kissed me again.In a single motion, I grabbed her legs from behind each of her knees and pushed them up beside her, spreading them apart, completely exposing her smooth, hairless pussy and asshole. I shuffled myself backward slightly to get a better position. Samantha laughed and looked away, feeling embarrassed and yet excited. Her pussy lips were gorgeous like a flower opening for the sun on a spring morning after a night of rain. I could see her pussy juices dripping, her body preparing itself for my advances.I was overwhelmed by lust and began devouring Samantha's pussy, licking and sucking on her clit, making her moan with pleasure. Her hands clenched and pulled at the sheets and pillows behind her. I ran my tongue through her juicy pussy lips, tasting her sweet nectar. I forced my tongue as deep as I could inside her soaking wet baby maker. I then drug my tongue upward, sucking, kissing and slurping as I went. Nothing was off limits. I even sucked and tongued her little pee hole as I passed it, paying attention to every detail of her womanly nature. Her pussy was hot, almost glowing, and her sensitive clit was throbbing as I stimulated it relentlessly with my mouth. The pleasure for her was so great, she could hardly say a word. She twisted her body and gasped as she endured the intense feelings that coursed through her.“Edward? I want you inside me,” Samantha said in the most delicate way. Her sensual voice was almost musical as she spoke. “I have a condom in my jacket pocket. I'll go get it,” I said as I wondered how I could have forgotten to get it earlier. “That won't be necessary. I'm on the pill and it works,” she said as she placed her hands on my cock, guiding it toward her hungry cunt hole. I entered her slowly. She was incredibly tight! Her breathing become heavy and she made little noises as she exhaled, even some words, “ohh...yess...deeper baby...oh, God, you are big...”Of the ten, I was in maybe three inches. I rocked back and forth, moving in and out of her then pushed deeper. I was four inches deep, then five, then six. “Oh, baby, you feel so good. And, my God! You are tight!” I said. Her soft, wet cunt wrapped around me like a glove that was a size too small. Her vagina convulsed, squeezing me from my shaft to the head of my cock. I had never felt such an amazing baby tunnel.“Oh, baby you are so deep! Make me yours, sweety. Stretch me open, push yourself all the way in me. I want your hips pounding against my ass. I want to feel all of you. Will you do that for me?” Samantha pleaded between her breath.I began pushing my dick deeper Inside. She watched as inch after inch disappeared inside her body. At just under eight inches, my dick was touching her cervix. She would place her hand against my abdomen and said reluctantly, “You're so deep, baby.” I could tell it was becoming uncomfortable for her and so I withdrew slightly. I thrusted in and out of her with long, deeply penetrating strokes. She was lubricating heavily. My cock glistened with a clear coating from the depth of her cunt. With some of her lubricating juice smeared on my thumb, I rubbed her clit as I fucked the pink path to her womb.Her vagina began tightening and her breathing become harsh and broken. After few moments, her body began convulsing as she coped with a powerful orgasm. Waves of pleasure shocked her body. My cock was being claimed by her grasping cunt and squeezed near the point of discomfort. Her eyes opened and closed, her head turning left, right, looking everywhere but seeing nothing. Her consciousnesses only regained between the flashes of her orgasm.I let go of her legs only for them to spring around me, pulling me close. I kissed her only for her to break away to breath. She pushed me away for a second, only to pull me back and kiss me again. Her mind was being driven to confusion with pleasure.Finally it ended. Her weary, satisfied eyes locked with me. Her mouthwas still open as she breathed. She pushed me away and said, “I'm still so turned on, but my pussy needs a break. It's so sensitive right now.”I pulled my huge cock, which was still hard as steel, from Samantha's wet hole. Her sticky cum and pussy juice clung to the end of my cock as I pulled it out. I used my finger to gather the sticky juice and then gathered more from her pussy lips. There was a lot of it! She was clearly enjoying herself. She grabbed my hand and, while looking me in the eyes, pushed my finger with her juices into her mouth. She slurped the sticky juices into her mouth and I kissed her. Our tongues danced around playing with her cum before we both swallowed. My cock throbbed at her seductive display. I never would have imagined Samantha to be so much fun in the sack! She was aware that my dick was far from being finished. Which was good, because I would learn that she wasn't finished either. In fact, she was only getting started. I fell to the bed and laid beside her. My cock pointed to the ceiling and twitched as my heart pumped it full in waves.“My pussy needs a break, but I have another hole... If you would like to use it.” Samantha said.IF YOU WANT TO READ FUTURE CHAPTERS, PLEASE LIKE THIS STORY :)