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I had completed the chore I’d volunteered to do for my sister Carol. I’d driven her car up from Houston, Texas to her in Nashville, Tennessee where she’d been asked to report as soon as possible to accept a new job and promotion in her company. The promotion had been so important to her career she’d flown up immediately to accept it. I’d driven her car up at a more relaxed pace. I had stayed the week and helped her get set up in her new apartment and settled into her job. I’d had nothing much better to do, and Carol had always been very supportive of me, sending me care packages in whatever God forsaken hell I was stationed in and letting me know I still had a family who loved me to come back to. I’m retired and on disability from the military now.On a nostalgic whim I’d decided to take a bus ride on my way back to Texas. I had capable friends, who owed me taking care of my house, stables, and livestock, so I could take as long as I wanted. I figured I’d do the trip in short hops, stopping anywhere the mood struck me to see the sights. I could always rent a car or take a plane if the trip became tedious or there was a problem at home. It had been my days in the military since I’d ridden a bus, and I could recall being fascinated in studying the variety of people who rode them.I’ll make an explanation here. Once, early in my military career we’d had a mandatory formation in dress uniform to honor a dignitary. I’d left there when it was over and walked to a nearby bus stop. There was a beautiful young lady there, and I do mean world class. She’d looked at me with interest in her eyes and said, “Sgt, you are a handsome sight to behold in your dress uniform! You could be a movie star.” The look in her lovely eyes told me she was sincere, and she probably didn’t use such terms often or lightly. I managed to stammer, “Thank you, Ma’am. You are quite beautiful, if you don’t mind my saying so.” A bus pulled up and my dream girl stepped onto it and turned to wave farewell, and I’ve always regretted not following her onto her bus and asking if she’d like to exchange names and phone numbers. I never saw her again, quite naturally, but I’ve always wondered how it might have changed both our lives had I followed her. I suspect it had been a case of love at first sight we had both missed out on. I know I still thought about her, years later. The incident had helped create my facination with buses.Carol thanked me for all I’d done by cooking a fine southern dinner, using our Shelby family recipes from memory and long use, and then dropped me off at the bus station the next morning. I hugged my sister and told her I would love her when I’m dust blowing in the wind. Hey, if it is possible, I will do it!I walked in the door and headed for the ticket counter. I hadn’t taken three steps in that direction before I was distracted by the sounds of crying. I looked to see a little red headed, green-eyed vision of loveliness seated in the waiting room. She was bawling her eyes out and my first thought was her mother shouldn’t have left the pretty young girl responsible for the crying sibling she was holding all by herself. Another look showed the front of her dress was unbuttoned and one small swollen pale breast was exposed. I may have been a little slackjawed when I realized that young girl had been trying to nurse her own baby. I am a combat veteran and have callously stepped over dead and dying men on streets and in jungles and deserts around the world on many occasions. Some I’ve killed myself, but I’d never been one to walk past a young mother and baby in distress without offering to help! I walked over to her and sat down two seats away from them so perhaps I wouldn’t seem threatening. “Ma’am,” I spoke quietly and calmly, “your baby sounds like it may have a touch of the colic.” I hoped my appearance wasn’t too frightening, I was dressed in the typical cowboy fashion I always wore, complete with boots and a Stetson felt hat. I usually wear a cooler straw hat in summer, but I’d expected to be in air conditioning most of the time on this trip.It seemed to take her several minutes to collect her own thoughts and stop crying. From closeup she was even more strikingly beautiful, with shoulder length, curly, flaming red hair and jade green eyes of an otherworldly shade I had never before seen in a human. I have an almost encyclopedic memory for mostly worthless facts, and recalled I’d last seen those color eyes in the spotted face of a large South American jaguar. It had approached me closely while I was in camoflauge in an ambush on a mission there. Her freckles were uniformly abundant over her otherwise light complectioned face and exposed parts of her body. I found them fascinating and beautiful. “Thank you. I didn’t know what it was,” she said, “but she hasn’t nursed at all today and I’m so afraid for her and my breasts are hurting terribly!”“May I hold her for a few minutes?” I asked. “Usually a baby’s moods will respond to its mothers emotions. You’re upset so the baby is upset. It cries and upsets its stomach and makes it cry that much more. It’s sort of a self-generating circle, and if it keeps on it can become chronic. I’ll try to calm her.” That must have seemed logical to her, because she handed the baby to me. At any rate she was smart enough to know she needed help from someone, and from her having told a total stranger her breasts were hurting I knew the poor girl had to be at wits end! I stood and carefully accepted the crying infant from her, then she straightened and buttoned her dress recovering her breast. I sat back in the chair and looked that beautiful crying baby in her face. I kissed salty tears off both her cheeks, and I calmly told her what a beauty she was, then I laid the baby atop its blanket across my lap face down, and began to rub and pat her tiny back gently. The baby had a good start of curly bright red hair the same shade as her mom’s and her remarkable jade eyes. She was gorgeous, as I’d told her, despite her own crying. In my experience every female of any age enjoys being flattered. I asked the girl, “Do you sing to her? She’s what, only a couple of weeks old, but you can bet she’s imprinted on your voice.” I thought the sound might soothe both of them and distract the little mother from her painful breasts. She moved to the chair next to mine and sang a lullabye about riding a little pony and going to town to her baby for a few moments. I remembered that song from my own childhood, and I drank in the sound of her sweet voice like a rare wine. Watching the pure mother love for her baby radiating from the face of this exquisite woman child touched my own scarred and broken heart. Despite the familiarity of the lullabye it struck me this lovely creature would have appeared more in her natural surroundings singing and dancing nude in the moonlight around the boulders at Stonehenge, than sitting in this grungy bus station.The baby stopped crying. I watched her eyes close as she relaxed and rested. I was still patting and rubbing her, concentrating on projecting my protection, confidence, and soothing thoughts to her, something I’d learned years ago with a stepson who had had colic for weeks. The baby burped loudly and spit up a little sour milk. That seemed to have relieved some of her problem with her belly. I smiled and nodded to her mom reassuringly, letting her know that was a good sign. She gave me a million-dollar smile in return! I was working my own version of therapy on both the pretty redheads at once and it seemed they were responding favorably to it.The mother of the two was right there with a soft cloth to clean up the mess. I could tell she had the mothering instincts, but perhaps needed some experience and support in caring for her baby. She seemed little more than a teen in appearance herself.“You know more about babies than I do.” She said with an angelic smile, “I was an only child and my Granny raised me, but she passed on last year.”“I’m sorry to hear you lost her, Ma’am.” I told her, and used the opportunity of her closeness to lay a calming hand on her small one. “It’s a damned shame babys don’t come with directions on the butt. If it’s okay with you we’ll let her take a nap then see if she’s ready to nurse? You must not have a breast pump or you’d already have used it. If she doesn’t nurse after her nap I’ll help you find a breast pump and some relief for you, and a Pediatrician for her.”“Your plan is working better than mine,” she confided, “Nancy and I don’t have anything but the clothes on our backs, and no friends or family in Tennessee. My husband left me here last month, saying he was going back to Alabama where we were raised to find work. I spent all day my eighteenth birthday walking five horrible miles with her from the hospital back to the dump he’d left me in, and that place threw us out last week. I sold my ring to buy food so I’d have milk for her, but the few dollars ran out two days ago. I’m sure there are relief agencies, but I have no idea of how to contact them.” “You have a friend now, young lady, if you will allow me to help you?” I told her. “My name is Jo Shelby, J-o after one of my ancestors, Confederate General Jo Shelby. I’m retired from the military and was looking for something to occupy my time when I heard you and this precious child crying.” “I have no choice but to accept your kind offer for our very survival, Mr. Shelby, though I don’t know how I will ever repay you. I’m Sally Ann Ryan. That’s my maiden name, and I am proud of it, though the family name was Granny’s.” She gave me a pretty smile of relief and a warm handshake with a small strong freckled hand. “I’ve been a hard worker all my life, but I can’t care for Nancy Sue alone and on the street, and I won’t give her away like my mama did me!” “Your pretty smile is all the repayment I’ll ever ask for, Sally Ann Ryan,” I told her truthfully. “You can call me Jo, my dad is Mr. Shelby. ” “Gentleman Jo it is then.” Sally Ann grinned up at me and I must say I have never in my life seen a prettier grin on a young lady, even the freckled ones. The baby in my lap seemed to have gotten her a relaxing nap in and she was stirring, she stretched her arms out, yawned and cooed. I glanced at Sally to see wet spots magically appear on her dress over both of her breasts. She’d let down her milk and her eyes had teared up when the baby cooed. Motherhood can be a beautiful thing!I told her, “I’ll leave you two girls alone then and see if you can work out this nursing thing between you. Think soothing thoughts and talk to her, Sally. I’m going to call and have a rental car delivered. I’d give you the money for tickets, but there’s no way after a week on the streets either of you have the strength for a long bus ride to Alabama. You don’t know there will be anyone there to take care of you when you get there either. We’ll drive there in style and see if we can find your wayward husband.” Sally nodded; she seemed relieved to have someone else making some of her decisions. She took the baby from me, pulled her dress aside and held her to her breast. I was happy to see little Nancy zeroed in on and latched onto Sally’s nipple hungrily!One phone call to the car rental agency was all it took. Twenty minutes later I saw their representative walk through the bus station’s main doors, wearing a blazer with the company name and logos. They drove us to their office and I filled out their forms. The baby was asleep when I climbed back into the SUV to leave, but Sally was becoming desperate again. There were tears in her eyes. “Jo, please do something right now. The baby is full and asleep, but my breasts are still killing me!” I quickly pulled the SUV into a secluded spot in their lot. I opened my door to have room for my legs and turned around in the seat. Baby Nancy never stirred as I carefully placed her onto a blanket in the back seat. Sally got the idea quick; she unbuttoned her dress to her waist and bared both her breasts. Sally said, “This is so embarassing, but I have to have some relief or or I may pass out!” She looked georgous, and I found her small freckled breasts and pale puffy nipples an incredible turn on. It went through my mind I might be in love with her already. I quipped, “It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I think I remember how.” I put a lip lock on Sally’s pretty left nipple and my mouth was almost instantly filled with warm creamy goodness! Sally leaned back on the headrest and moaned in relief. Both of her hands went to the back of my head and her fingers entwined in my hair. I had a hardon that would have drilled diamonds!After a few moments I switched my mouth to her right breast to take the pressure off it, too, and Sally sighed deeply as I suckled. “Oh, Jo, that feels so good, thank you!” I took the pressure off that breast then went back to her left breast for a while. I was enjoying her pink nipples and delicious milk, but my major concern was still relieving her pain. I know what you’re thinking but yes, giving this sweet young mother relief from her pain was still my priority. The pressure was off that breast but there was still some milk there. I nursed at it until it until it seemed empty. I went back to her right breast and emptied it. “I hope that feels better, Sally.” I told her, “I know you were in pain, Sweet Baby Girl.” I couldn’t resist kissing her soft lips fondly, after all, I felt we knew each other much better now. Sally didn’t resist, and after a moment I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Two can play that game and I joined in on the tongue play, and wrapped my arms around her, caressing her everwhere I touched. She still had both her hands at the back of my head in my hair. We broke our kiss and Sally smiled and said, “Your mouth tastes delicious, Jo, what have you been drinking?” We both laughed in delight over that! “Booger Red,” I told her, “your breasts make pure Irish cream! You could go into business as a creamery making gourmet ice cream and butter with that sweet milk of yours. You mentioned you were out of money, have you eaten today? I think I recall seeing a Country Kitchen on the way here.”I could see the desperate hunger in her pretty eyes. “Oh yes, Jo, please feed me something. I haven’t eaten in two days and feeding the baby drains all the energy out of me.” “Sally Ann,” I told her, “you’re going to make me cry, Girl! I’ll have you fed in just a few minutes, you poor Darling.” I retrieved Nancy Sue from the back seat, put her in Sally’s lap, and drove to the Country Kitchen. When we walked in the door there we were met by smells of good food cooking. Sally thrust the baby at me and said, “Jo, those smells make me weak kneed, you hold Nancy in case I faint!” I cradled the baby with my left hand and arm, holding one of her legs securely and pulled Sally closer, holding my right arm securely around her midriff as she wrapped her arms around me. She grabbed at my belt with both her hands and held on bravely. I told one of the waiting staff the lady was a new mother and was feeling light headed and we were seated immediately. I asked the waitress to please bring Sally some ice water and lemon wedges. I held the chair for Sally, then sat and laid the baby in my lap. She had a full tummy, was worn out from the crying, and was limp as a rag doll.I took Sally’s ice water glass, squeezed lemon wedges into it, added several spoonsful of sugar and stirred. “Take a couple of swallows of that lemonade, Sweetheart. It will raise the sugar level in your blood and give you energy. The mild acid level will help normalize that of your empty stomach.” She gulped half the glass gratefully and within minutes she told me she felt much better.We looked at the menu and Sally was near crying again. She said, “I’m literally starving, but I don’t dare eat the chicken fried steak with gravy and greens after Nancy’s stomach being upset.” She sensibly settled on the broiled chicken breast, mashed potatos, and mixed veggies. I wasn’t about to eat anything in front of her she couldn’t eat because of the baby so I ordered the same as her, adding that we wanted at least a half dozen portions of corn bread with our orders. Sally noticed what I’d ordered and must have suspected why. She reached for my hand, “How considerate of you, Jo. My husband would have ordered the things I couldn’t have just to spite me, not that he ever took me to a place as nice as this!” I squeezed her hand and told her,“Yes, and he deserted you to have Nancy Sue and to sink or swim alone, but that may have been the biggest favor anyone has ever done for me! If he is bedridden when we find him I will apologize. I’ve only known you for hours, Sweet Sally, yet I feel more connected with you than any woman I’ve ever known.”“Jo,” she said, “You have me wishing things had been different. That baby girl sleeping in your lap deserves a daddy like you, instead of that jerk Roy. We will go back there to hear his explanation, so I’ll have answers when she asks me later. I will promise you and Nancy Sue his answers had better be damned good!” “Sweetheart,”I told her, “He’s the type Nancy will grow up to call the sperm donor. Oh, here’s our food.” I pulled one of my cards out of my wallet. “Put that in your wallet or the bottom of your purse. If by some chance you decide to stay with this Roy boy, you can call me any time night or day. I will be there to take you and Nancy home with me or to break his arms and legs, whichever you ask of me.” Sally beamed at me as she ate. Sally Ann ate like she’d been starving, which of course she had been. I buttered a couple of the warm golden brown corn bread muffins they’d brought us for her. Those should be something nutricious she could eat as many of as she wanted, without upsetting her stomach or the babys. I enjoyed the meal and the conversation with her, despite my emotions ranging from rage at the worm that deserted her nine months pregnant, to something I was more and more sure was love for her and the baby.Sally cleaned her plate, and I told her, “If you’d like another chicken breast, more potatos, or the entire thing all over again all you have to do is say the word, Love.” Yes, I called her by that four lettered word only a few hours after having met her and I meant it.I saw a light in Sally’s eyes, and the little Darling asked, “How about a southern dessert, Jo? Could we have a glass of buttermilk and corn bread?” Hell, I knew I was in love then, and told her so! We ordered our buttermilk and when it came we crumbled a couple of the corn bread muffins into each of our glasses. Sally spooned a bite of it into her mouth, smiled at me and said, “Yes, that’s just what I needed!” We enjoyed sitting and savoring eating our treat perhaps more so than some people would have a parfait. I won’t turn my nose up at a parfait either, but there’s something dear to the souls of many southerners about good corn bread in either sweet milk or buttermilk. I suppose it’s a genetic thing, or perhaps adaptation to the climate.When I’d ordered the buttermilk I’d asked them to bring us another dozen of the corn bread muffins in a doggy bag with our check. I knew they’d still be good for a day or two at room temperature, and I wanted to have something healthy for Booger Red to snack on. I could not bear to think of her having starved the last couple of days as she fed the baby off her meager body reserves! The baby was only two weeks old and with her dressed you couldn’t tell Sally had ever had a baby.The only tell tale signs were her lactating breasts.I turned to her, “You deserve so much more, Sally! I’d consider it a personal favor if you would allow this Texas cowboy the honor of buying a sweet redheaded Alabama girl a pretty yellow dress, and a dozen or so of whatever other colors you’d like?”“Jo, that’s so generous of you!” Sally answered. She took my hand again. “Yellow is one of my favorite and best colors. I suppose it’s the contrast with my hair and skin.” “You’d look gorgeous in a burlap sack, Sally,” I insisted, “but yes, with your freckles and flaming hair you’re a natural for any shade of yellow. This can be my belated birthday present for you. Nancy needs clothes, blankets, a baby carrier, and a car seat, before we drive any further. Oh, I want to give her a pony, a saddle, and boots, too, but maybe she’s still too little.”“Oh, you men!” Sally laughed in delight. “Nancy’s two weeks old and you want to buy her ponys, saddles, and boots. I’ve competed at barrel racing, pole racing, and cutting cows at rodeos at the state level in Alabama, so it would be one of my dreams for her to be raised with horses.”Oh, I laughed at the little Darling. “I knew there was something I loved about your red headed, freckled little self. You would love the horses in my barn, Sally Ann! I hope you’ll let me take you there sometime. My next question is why did you stop at the state level? I would think with the sheer grit and determination you have, you could be the Grand National Champion. I’ll hold the baby ringside as she watches her mommy win.”Sally laughed, “You sure do have a lot of confidence in me, Jo. You haven’t seen me ride yet!”“You show up at my place, Darling,” I promised her, “and I’ll introduce you to my big red gelding Poco, out of Poco Bueno blood lines, and buy a saddle your size. He was on the tracks in Louisana as a two-year old colt but he didn’t want to run for his trainers. He will run like the wind for me! We’ve won dozens of races and no other fast horse in our part of Texas has stayed within three lengths of him at a quarter mile. Think how fast Poco would be with your light little butt on him! He is the fastest horse I’ve ever ridden and after winning he goes right back to his calm mode, he’ll ask you to give him more rein so he can crop a bite or two of grass.”I could tell by the far away look in Sally’s eyes she was thinking. That’s the way I wanted to keep her. I wanted this girl in my arms, in my bed, and in my barn, and I wanted to raise little Nancy Sue and protect her from men like her daddy!“Now think about this, Sweetheart,” I told Sally, “I own a miniature horse colt I delivered and imprinted on me a few years ago. His conformation is blocky like a foundation quarter horse. He is loaned out to my farrier’s youngest son to train and ride. He’s been on trail rides and in parades and he’s roping calfs off him and learning to cut calves from a herd off him. He’s also barrel and pole racing on him. The boy should be outgrowing him about the time Nancy gets old enough to hang onto a set of reins.”Hell, Sally was crying. I thought for a minute I’d hurt her feelings, then I began to understand her crying was from relief, not hurt or sadness. I slid my chair away from the table and lifted little Nancy and cradled her with my right arm. “Come here, Sally Ann, sit in my lap, darling.” I invited. Sally sat in my lap, kissed me, and took Nancy from me into her arms. “Jo, a few hours ago I thought my baby was dying, I was in horrible pain, homeless and desperate, and I’d been starving for days. I’d been rudely propositioned dozens of times on the street in the last week, and I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out without having to prostitute myself to eat and survive, so I could feed her. I didn’t know if I could even keep my baby if we both lived. You’re offering me Heaven in exchange for my smiles. I have a lot of thinking to do.” I told her, “My offer stands, Sweetheart. I want you and the baby in my life in whatever capacity you choose. I’ll take you home as an adopted daughter if that’s what you want, or I’ll have my lawyer get your divorce and marry you. It’s all up to you.”“Let’s take this one step at a time and get some shopping done first then,” Sally said, “Nancy and I have been sleeping in parks and the bus station. My dress smells like stale milk and I’ve lived in it for a week. I’ve done sponge baths in rest rooms every day, but I had nothing to change into. I’d like for you to get a room and wash Nancy and me and put her to bed and tuck her in in clean pajamas and kiss her. Would you please take me to your bed and make me feel wanted, loved, and protected?” That sounded like a plan I could live with. I told her, “I like the way you think, Sweetheart!” I paid the check, and left a generous tip. I carried the sack of cornbread muffins. Sally felt strong enough to carry the baby now. I opened the doors for her proudly. She was easily the prettiest girl in the place, at least in my eyes. We drove around town a bit until Sally spotted a store she said would have everything she and the baby needed. I remembered to mention luggage and we found a set Sally liked. She found a yellow sundress that had me drooling when she held it in front of her. We both loved a dark green dress with cream lapels she picked out too. She picked out a couple of more, then some blue jeans and blouses, shorts, and underwear. I insisted she pick out a pair of western boots and a hat, knowing as a horse woman she’d be comfortable in them with her blue jeans anywhere in the south. It didn’t take her long to shop for the baby either, but we bought everything she said she needed for right now. Oh, I bought an ice chest, too, and some plastic containers we could put into it to hold snacks. I would buy Sally some small containers of buttermilk to go with that extra cornbread at my first opportunity. I’d already decided even if she went back to her husband, I’d keep track of her, no matter the cost. I had made a decision sweet Sally Ann Ryan would never starve again as long as I was alive and in this survival game called life! We checked the girl’s goodies out and loaded them into our rented SUV. My only question was this, “Hotel or motel, Sweetheart?” Sally suggested we find a motel with a laundry so we could run their new wash and wear clothing through a wash and dry. I called sister dearest and she answered on the first ring. She asked, ”How far toward Texas have you gotten, Jo?”“Oh,” I told her, “I never made it to the ticket counter at the bus station, Sis. I met two homeless red heads and fell in love with both of them. We’re about to get a room together, shower, and shack up for the night.” All I could hear from her end of the phone was laughter!“You will never change, Jo Shelby!” Carol said. “I’m off work tomorrow, bring them by and introduce them to part of your family.”“I will do that, Carol, I know you will love them. We’ll see you sometime early tomorrow!” I went by a corner quick shop and bought ice, sodas, buttermilk, supplies to make sandwiches and chips.“Oh, I’m in Heaven!” Sally said, “We have food in reserve!” I had to kiss the poor little darling. I told her,“You will always have something to eat if Jo Shelby has any say on the subject, Sweet Sally, or I will get out and kill something. It hurts me so much to think you did without. I am so glad I met you this morning, Darling!”Sally had tears in her eyes. “I don’t know if you were sent to us by Goddess, karma, or what, Jo, but I feel you have saved Nancy’s and my lives.” We found a motel with several washers and dryers in a little washateria and Sally loaded the washers as I checked us in. We bathed Nancy in the little tub we’d bought for her and she loved it! She kicked and splashed while cooing and gurgling at us. It had been years since I had been able to enjoy a baby so young. Sally had a blast thinking up new noises and faces to make to entertain her adored child as I intently watched them both and joined in the fun.Yes, I knew I was in love with both of them. Sally stripped and fed the baby as I went to put the clothes in the dryers. When I got back Sally told me solemnly, “Jo, I know this is an imposition on you, but I need you to drain my breasts again, please. I’ve been so emotional it has kicked up my milk production.” I sighed deeply and told her just as solemnly. “I’ll do my duty then, Sally Ann. We all have our burdens to bear.” I laughed and went to her side and bent to take a beautiful nipple into my mouth. Her breast was so warm her milk almost felt heated. I nursed gently for a minute, then drew more of her breast into my mouth and sucked her nipple up against my palate with my tongue. I had a handful of that fine looking little ass too. Sally had lain back on our bed and was purring sweetly, while running her fingers over me. She was much more relaxed with me now. I delighted in taking the pressure off her other breast, too.“I’ve got an idea you might go for, Sally.” I suggested. “We could actually buy one of those damned breast pumps and some baby bottles, sterilize them, and seal them in plastic bags. If Nancy would learn to drink your milk out of them we could stock up a couple of days supply of your milk and you could take a break for a day or two every week and enjoy your chicken fried steak, gravy, and greens, spicy Mexican food, or whatever.”“Oh my God!” Sally was excited. “You’re a genius, Jo!” She got up,无码人妻丰满熟妇啪啪区 pulled me to my feet and we danced around the room, her, as naked as a little heathen.“I’ll put your vote down as an enthusiastic yes, then, Sally Ann!” I pretended to write down her vote. “Of course it would be best if your nipples are still nursed to stay in condition for it, so I will step up to the plate and volunteer for that strenuous duty.”She said, “Oh, you are such a trooper, Jo!” I accepted her grateful thanks and kisses with my typical modesty. I took the laundry baskets and went to check on their new clothes. When I returned with the clean dry clothes Sally Ann was already in the shower. She called to me and I secured the room’s door with a chair under the knob, stripped, and joined her.Sally Ann was thoroughly enjoying the luxury of a warm shower she’d had to forego for the last week for lack of funds for a room. I gave her a shampoo and scalp massage that soon had her purring. I knew the little darling had to be utterly exhausted, no pun intended. I washed her vigorously with a terry cloth wash cloth, dried her sexy little body, kissed her and tucked her into our bed. As I had expected she would be, she was totally out of it when I returned from my own shower. I checked on the baby, kissed her, then climbed under the covers with Sally. I pulled the little cinnamon muffin up snug against me, my arms around her and my hands filled with a couple of interesting parts of her, and my nose in her sweet smelling hair. I went to sleep instantly as I’d learned to do in the military when rest was mandatory. When I woke it was still dark outside and I was holding Sally Ann close to me. I stirred, intending to get up and check the baby and Sally spoke, already knowing my intent, “She’s alright, I heard her cooing a few minutes ago. She’s probably what woke you, Jo.” I told her, “You are a good mother, Sally Girl.”Sally returned the compliment. “Not many men would have been wakened from a sound sleep to check on her by the tiny noises she made, Jo.” I thanked her with a hug and a kiss on her cheek. Sally sighed contentedly and reached behind her to grasp my prick. She began backing up onto it, inserting it into her hot pussy from behind. She seems to have known my next question too. “Yes, we’re protected. My doctors put me back on the pill to help balance my hormones.” We made love slow and easy for a while. Each of us enjoyed our first experience together. We were comfortable that first time, no worrying about anything. There was nothing urgent or frantic about it. I delighted in kissing freckles on her pretty cheeks, shoulders, and anywhere else I could reach. I told her, “I’d like to take about three days sometime and kiss all your freckles, Sweet Thing.” Sally giggled, “I’ll show you some special freckles I want you to kiss. You’ll get around to all of them in time.” We went on at that pace for nearly an hour, then Sally told me, “We have to turn so I can see you and kiss you. No, don’t pull out, we can do this.”Sally bent forward at her waist until her slim body was lying in front of mine. She swiveled, with our joined sex organs as the fulcrum. Her near leg came up beside my head. I lifted her and swiveled like I was righting someone on a kayak. She arranged her legs on each side of mine and leaned forward which gave us full pelvis to pelvis contact for the first time. She moaned at the same time I did. I sought out her beautiful mouth and we moaned into each other’s open mouths as our tongues entwined.There was some light entering the room now, and I could see her face and mersmerizing eyes. The sight of her combined with the exquisite feelings we were generating with our bodies was almost enough to make me cum, I told her. “I’m almost there, Baby.”“I know, I am, too.” Sally whispered. “You feel so good inside me! This is the first time I have ever been made love to, Jo. Everything before now was just fucking to get him off.” The baby’s timing was perfect, perfectly wrong. She woke crying! Sally said, “Jo, I have to go to her! ““I know, Darling, I understand.” Sally had been just too afraid for her baby only the day before for her to be able to bear to let her cry. She kissed me for understanding and dove for the other bed. Within a few seconds I had two pretty red heads in bed with me. I bent to the smallest one, kissed her, and sniffed then said something that could be phonetically spelled as “Phooey!” Her mom fetched fresh diapers and wash cloths as I pulled up Nancy’s pajamas and blew raspberries on her belly to entertain her. That silly sensation delighted her and stopped her crying, of course! We had a lazy hour or so, playing with the baby and kissing each other now and then. The baby got hungry and Sally fed her, then she dozed off. Sally moved her back to the other bed, then she jumped my bones. There was nothing relaxed about Sally now. She wanted to get off! We tongue wrestled feverishly as I massaged her breasts. I kissed and sucked both of her delectable breasts, and thought of something I had wanted to try. I’d run across a clip of two beautiful blonde lesbians online. My being a normal horny male and having nothing against lesbian sex I played the clip. One of the beauties had such a cute method of using little cat licks on her partner’s clit and pussy lips I began wondering if she knew something about licking pussy I didn’t. I was about to find out. I had a perfect test subject, a healthy passionate young woman who’d never experienced anything but wham bam, thank you, ma’am sex. I would be proud to show her what an experienced man who delights in putting his partner’s pleasure first could do. I kissed my way down to Sally’s belly and licked her navel. I reached between her legs to cradle both cheeks of that sweet ass in my hands and squeeze, then I shoved my arms between her and the sheets and reached my hands up to make love to those breasts and nipples I adored. When I left her navel with my mouth to go further down, she confirmed my suspicions by telling me, “Jo, please, I don’t know anything about that.” I told her, “I love you, Sally. I think you’ll enjoy this, Baby. If you don’t, at any time just say ‘Stop’ and I will, I promise you.”She said a tentative,“Okay, Jo. I trust you.” and I continued. I was very gentle now as I continued to lick and suck my way downward to her pussy. I kissed her clit, then licked up and down the folds of her slit. She was wet and getting wetter, and her entire body shuddered at the sensations. I went back to her clit and sucked on it while trying the kitty licks thing. Sally grabbed a pillow and held it over her mouth to suppress some of the involuntary noises she was making. I couldn’t resist asking her, “Do you want me to stop now, Sally?”She said, “Oh God no, Jo, please do more to me before I die!” I would have laughed if my mouth hadn’t been so busy. Being quite satisfied with her critique of my efforts thus far, I kept up with the alternating kitty licks on her clit and licking and lapping at the wet lips of her pussy. I was still massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers. I took one hand off her breasts and lifted her ass to my mouth with it. I rimmed her asshole with my tongue, and tongue fucked her ass as she shuddered. I sucked my middle finger to get it wet and inserted it into her rosebud to the first knuckle. I reapplied my mouth to the kitty licks on her clit, and moved my other hand down to her pussy. My middle finger slipped easily into her wet folds in search of her G-spot. I wiggled my finger all the way into her ass and found her G-spot at the same time. Sally screamed into the pillow as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm!Moments later she was still coming down from her orgasm and I moved up to hold her and kiss her. She was softly crying. I told her, “I’m sorry, Baby. Did I hurt you in some way?”“No, it was wonderful, Jo, thank you! I’m only angry about all the time I’ve wasted with an idiot drunk who knows nothing about sex!” Oh, how I love it when my plans work like they’re supposed to! Sally’s next concern was for me. “I love you, Jo, please let me return the favor? Yes, that’s the only thing I have been taught about sex before now.” She moved down and took me into her mouth and I had to admit she had learned that perfectly, but then I must say while I respect your own opinion, I have never been given a bad blowjob. She licked and sucked me up and down my shaft as she cradled my scrotum sack in one warm hand gently massaging it. Her warm mouth and all our other erotic closeness had me wanting to come within minutes. I told her, “You are so beautiful, you’re about to make me cum, Darling!” She winked at me as I felt it let go surge after surge. Sally swallowed every drop!We enjoyed taking a shower together, and dressed, then we loaded all our things into the SUV. I called Carol and told her we were headed her way and she insisted she would do breakfast for us. We only dallied to pick up the baby bottles and the best quality breast pump we could find at a large pharmacy. We’d sterilize these on Carol’s stove. When Carol opened the door and saw Sally Ann and the baby tears appeared in her eyes. I introduced them and the two women hugged like they’d known each other for years. Carol asked to hold Nancy Sue and it was love at first sight between her and the baby, too.We sat and when it came out during our conversation Sally Ann had competed at cutting cows, and pole and barrel racing Carol told Sally, “I can see it already. You are Jo’s ideal woman, and young enough to stay up with him.” One of Sally Ann’s hands reached to seek out mine. I told my sweet sister I could not agree more. Carol fixed a delicious breakfast of smoked ham and eggs, grits, and home made biscuits. It was a joy to me to know Sally Ann would begin this day of traveling well fed! Carol typically insisted we take a package of the smoked ham and a jar of her home made pickles for sandwiches later. Sally asked to use Carol’s rest room and Carol rose, took her hand and led her to it. Carol hurried back to her chair and looked seriously at me. “You do know what she is, don’t you, Jo?”I knew of Carol’s Wiccan faith and partly because of that and partly because of my having envisioned Sally at Stonehenge the day before, I told her, “I think so. She’s a wonderful and magical creature. I had a visual yesterday of her dancing and singing naked in the moonlight at Stonehenge.” Carol nodded and smiled, apparently pleased I’d had the same feelings she’d had. When we left Carol’s apartment and headed south I asked Sally, “What do you think of us making a lazy trip of it, Honey? We could drive about half way then maybe watch for a pretty place for a picnic for lunch. Later I could spring for a hotel or motel with a pool we could swim and sun in, then dress and go out for a fancy dinner?” Sally’s pretty face lit up! “That sounds fabulous, Jo, it’s a date! You say and do the most romantic things.” “Sugar Plum,” I grinned and told her, “you are so sweet I could eat you up, and I’ll do that again tonight if you will allow me?” Sally kissed me and grinned.We hadn’t gone far before I spied a produce stand beside the road.They had a sign saying, “Organically grown.” I had to pull over to browse. They had big vine-ripened tomatos that looked delicious and would work perfect on our sandwiches. Sally commented, “Oh, those are beautiful, Jo! I’d like some of those yellow squashes sliced thin on my sandwiches, too. They’d be good for the baby and me. Oh, here’s green tomatos, too!”I promised her, “We’ll buy several pounds of those green ones and figure some way to fry a batch within a day or two even if I have to buy a camp stove to do it.” Sally was such fun to shop with. She was as thrilled about those fresh home raised vegetables we bought as some women I’ve known in my life have been with jewelry. I pulled back onto the road. “Red headed Sally, that gal sure is fine.” I rhymed to her, “She loves her tomatos ripened on the vine!” That impromptu attempt at poetry won me amother pretty smile.Sally remembered a beautiful park she’d rested in while traveling on the rodeo circuit, and I immediately took her suggestion. The doll needed all the enpowerment I could give her after her ordeal. “Let’s find a shaded table, Jo. I’m going to cry when Nancy gets her first freckles! With my family it’s a matter of when, not if. The boys used to tease me until I cried. I know now it was because they liked me, but I didn’t know it then.” I patted her hand, and told her, “I love your pretty freckles, Sally. They’re sun kisses and I pity the poor girls who don’t have them.” We sat the baby carrier on the table and one or both of us stayed within arm reach of Nancy at all times. My training had never included anything about being complacent and wasps, squirrels, or even a passing raven could easily harm a baby.I put the ice chest on one of the bench seats of the table and began slicing vegetables onto a paper plate. Within a few minutes we were enjoying delicious ham sandwiches with all the trimmings along with our conversation. Sally asked, “Do you think I could ever go back to competition, Jo?” I gave that a moment of thought, then told her, “I would expect it’s an option and mostly up to you, Sally. I won’t be a ‘stay at home’ daddy. I would never be as good at breast feeding Nancy as you, either. We seem to do okay on the road together, and there are worse places than the rodeo circuit we could raise her until she starts school.” Sally laughed, “You know, Jo, when you call me ‘Booger Red’ it reminds me of the rodeos. One of the announcers called me that because of my eyes, small size, and coloring, and the rest of them all took it up. He told me more than once my eyes made me look like I am from some other place or some other time. I’ve always wondered what made him feel that way.” With the subject on the table I had to join in. “I’ve noticed your eye color, Sweetheart. I find them quite beautiful and mysterious. The only other eyes I’ve seen that color were those of a jaguar that investigated me one day in South America.”Sally found that fascinating, “I’d love to see a wild one close up, Jo! That had to be the thrill of a lifetime.”I assured her, “Oh, it was. I was in full camoflauge, jungle fronds and all. I’d been immobile leaning against a tree for a day and a half. That big kitty finally got curious and came up to me to see what I was.When he got downwind of me he tore up half the jungle getting out of there! The people I'd’been waiting for heard the ruckus and started a firefight.”“Goddess!” Sally exclaimed. “What did you do, Jo?”I told her, “I did the only thing I could do, Sally. I attacked.“Sally put her arms around me. “Don’t make me cry, Jo. The baby and I need you and love you!” There was that word again. It seemed to be coming up more and more in our discussions. Our first stop in Sally’s hometown was a bar she knew her husband drank in regularly. When we walked in the door all eyes turned to us. Sally sat at a table as I held her chair, and I pulled up a chair and sat Nancy’s carrier on the table for all to see. I asked, “Would you like a soda or a beer, Sally?” The waitress walked over and brought Sally a soda, already knowing her preference. I told her my brand of beer and she brought one. She hugged Sally and then made appreciative noises over the baby. She didn’t ask to hold the baby and Sally didn’t offer. We both wanted Nancy close to us until this was over. Sally asked the waitress, “Has Roy been in yet today? Do you know where he’s staying?” She answered, “He has been in here every day this week, so I’d expect him to be in later. He’s staying at his dad’s place over on Fourth Street. I’ve asked him where you were but he didn’t have much to say.” Sally thanked her for the information, but added no more of her own. The woman went back to her stool at the bar. We finished our drinks, Sally thanked the bartender again, and we went to confront Roy. Sally was raving mad that Roy had the money to drink every day while she and the baby had been homeless and starving. Someone from the bar must have called him, because Roy was standing on the porch of the little house as we drove up. He looked big and he looked bad. I was overjoyed to see that because most of the really tough men I have gone up against in my life were not the largest. I parked on the street, and both of us got out of the car.Sally wanted to walk into his territory to face him and see what he had to say. Okay, I could respect that, she was married to him and he’d deserted her, she had every right to demand to know why, but I wanted to be close when she did it.He asked her,“Where have you been? I see you had the bastard.” He put the whiskey bottle down, and as he came back up he backhanded Sally as she approached! He put his hands on his hips and stared at me defiantly in the typical belligerent bully manner I’d seen in bars around the world. He was obviously expecting we’d do a beer joint dick dance complete with a lot of cursing and shirt ripping. I did as any southern gentleman with my training would have done. I swiftly closed on him, and applied the heel of one of my boots upside of his head before he could react. The blow broke his jaw, gave him a concussion and dropped him like a poll axed steer. When he fell the arm he’d hit Sally with lay conveniently across the edges of the concrete steps and I stomped it several times, breaking it in a number of places like kindling wood. I had the sole of my boot on his throat when I turned to look at Sally. I asked her, “Would you like for me to really hurt him now, my Love? I don’t think there’s a Grand Jury in the south that would indict me for murder while defending a new mother.” Sally was crying, but she was also very, very, angry! She said, “I think he deserves to share a little of the pain I felt walking that five miles back to that dump he left me in from the hospital.” I told her, “It’s your rodeo, Sally Ann. Go for it.” She went on the attack! She kicked her unconscious husband in the crotch with her boots. That little girl kicked him like she was going for a field goal! I told her, “I’d figure his chances of knocking up another girl are somewhere between slim and none now.” Sally giggled. I admire a vicious sense of humor in a woman as long as she’s on my side!We went to the car to check on the baby. She was sleeping quietly in her car seat. I drove away from Roy’s dad’s house as someone came out onto the porch. “It’s cover our ass time now, Sally, which way to the Sheriff’s Office?” I didn’t want a hard-nosed Alabama State Patrolman pulling us over with a warrant. I also cautioned her we would both have to deny inflicting anything but the initial injuries done in self-defense, if questioned. Sally laughed, then told me, “I’ll bat my eyes, smile sweetly, and say, ‘Whatever do you mean, sir?’” I love having remorseless partners in the few crimes I do commit! She gave me directions and in a few minutes we walked into their office with the baby in her carrier. An officer saw us come in and asked, “Sally, what can we do for you today? Roy’s not in jail yet this week.”“Well he ought to have been!” She told the officer. The officer perked up at that news. “He abandoned me in Nashville last month,” she told him, “I had the baby all alone, We were left homeless and starving. When I came back here and confronted him about it he hit me, and I’m filing charges. I’ve already heard down at the bar he’s been there drinking all week.” The officer didn’t like hearing any of that. “He ought to be horse whipped in the public square, Sally. He had a bad reputation, but his name will be mud now. Where can I find him? If he’s still staying at his dad’s place, I’ll go pick him up right now.” I’d been hearing the sounds of a siren and said, “I’d think he’s probably unconcious in that ambulance, Officer. He sort of fell off his dad’s porch after he hit Sally and broke his jaw and his arm. He probably has a concussion, too.” I neglected to mention his injured testicles Sally had “massaged” with the toes of her boots, of course. The officer seemed to enjoy the story I was telling. He grinned and asked, “Who might you be, sir?” I showed him my Texas driver’s licence. “Jo Shelby? You could get elected County Sheriff in these parts with that name alone, Mr. Shelby! Come to think of it, you could get elected Sheriff for breaking Roy’s arm and jaw for hitting Sally. That girl is much admired around here, for everything except for being Roy’s wife.” I could tell we were making the officer’s day. He reached for a camera, and told Sally, “Let’s take some pictures of your face for evidence, Sally Ann. Hold your newborn in your arms. The Judge will want to hear about that, too. He is pure hell on spousal abuse and deadbeat dads! I’d wager you’ll either get child support out of this until the baby is out of school or a monthly check forwarded from the County for Roy’s wages at the Prison Farm.”He got his pictures of Sally and Nancy. Sally’s face was red and slightly swollen on that side. He said, “I don’t see any trouble coming out of this for the two of you, Sally. I take it you may be in Texas?”I asked the officer, “Please take down my name and number. Our lawyers will be interested in this if there are any problems with the custody or divorce issues.” The officer made copies of the assault report and handed them to me. He made a copy of my ID, included it in his folder, then shook both our hands and made funny faces and noises at Nancy Sue before we left.“I think I’d like to visit the Judge before we leave town, Jo.” Sally told me. “He was my sponsor when I was competing at barrels and stake racing. He was a lifetime friend of Granny’s and he’s been like a grand father to me all my life.I suspect he was actually my mother’s dad, but they seldom talked about my mother to me.” “Certainly, Sweetheart.” I told her. “Do you have any idea where he’d be?”“Down at the diner, at this time of day,” she said, “with all the other old geezers. Don’t believe anything these folks tell you about me, Jo. I am not a little hellion!”“Oh, I believe you, Darling!” I told her, I was hoping I sounded convincing. Sally got a round of applause when we entered the coffeehouse. These people had all watched her grow up in the town, then seen her ride at rodeos around the state and considered her a local champion and celebrity. The two distinguished looking gentlemen the Judge had been sitting with politely moved to give us room to sit with him after exchanging friendly greetings and hugs with Sally. The Judge himself stood and hugged Sally to him. He kissed her fondly, then held her chair to seat her. He shook my hand, then asked to see the baby. He looked her over, kissed her button nose and cheeks, and declared her the spitting image of both Sally and her mother at that age. He said, “Well, now this baby is the fourth generation of redheads in your lines I’ve been in love with! Your Granny was my first love in grade school. She was quite a rounder, as you are. What’s this I hear about Roy being on the critical list and in the Intensive Care Unit?”Sally Ann was ready for that question! “He beat me one too many times, Judge. All I was asking for was some reason to tell the baby, later on, why he’d deserted me in Nashville. He’d lied and said he’d be back for me when he found a job. I had been homeless on the street with Nancy for a week and starving for two days when Jo found us.” Sally spoke loud enough for all to hear. “Jo took me to confront Roy and he slapped me hard, then stood there, daring Jo to try to stop him from beating me. I didn’t see Jo move until Roy’s eyes rolled back in his head!” The Judge said, “You always have me to turn to, Sally Ann. I know you’re proud though. I’m glad you found someone who’d protect you.” That turned the Judge’s shrewd eyes to me. “Yep, I expect Roy bit more off the chaw than he could chew this time. Infantry or Airborne, Mr. Shelby?”I told him proudly, “Airborne all the way, Judge, and please call me Jo.”The Judge laughed, stuck his big fist out, and shook my hand again. He said, “Welcome home, Brother, and thank you for taking care of my redheads!”Sally Ann chimed in. “Jo has horses in Texas, too, Judge. I’d told him you sponsored me in my racing.”“Yes, Sally Ann, I did, and I’d be proud to do it again.” He peered around the room at the people there. “I don’t care who knows this. I don’t know if your Granny ever told you officially but we were very close for many years, though we never married. You are my Grand Daughter, you are of my blood, you are in my will, and one day you will inherit the ranch. You can pick up your horse and saddles anytime or leave him there. I’d have given your horse to you before, Darling, except for Roy, but that concern looks to be over now.” Sally was overjoyed! She stood, hugged the Judge, and kissed him. She looked questioningly at me. I told her, “We could be back from Texas sometime next week with our truck and horse trailer. Come to think of it, let me ask you something, Sally.”She leaned toward me. I offered, “I can have my truck and horse trailer driven up or freighted here, if you’d like to give the Judge some time with you and the baby. We can decide later whether to base ourselves in one or both places.” Sally’s eyes lit up, and her pretty smile went ear to ear! She gave me a kiss, then broke the news to the Judge. He beamed, and told us he’d be delighted if, as his family, we’d stay at the ranch. The Judge asked if we’d like some refreshment and Sally asked for a soda. He confided to me, he’d order a special coffee for him and me. From the gleam in his eye I expected exactly what we got, about three ounces of moonshine, also known as Old Stump Blower in many parts of Texas. We toasted Brothers who hadn’t come home, and drank it down! “Mmm, Judge, that’s smooth coffee.” I thanked him. “I think now I’ll go to the bar and kick two or three of Roy’s friends in the head. You know if I don’t they’ll be saying for years, ‘I wish that Texas cowboy had tried kicking me in the head!’” The Judge laughed until he was red in the face and wheezing. I had tipped over Sally Ann’s giggle box, too, and she was reduced to cute little snorts of wild laughter. She was so tickled her milk let down. The Judge pounded me on the back. I knew I was now officially one of the good old boys in this part of Alabama, and he’d be telling that joke about me for years. He ordered us another round of ‘coffee.’” I handed the SUV keys to my Booger Red. Disclaimer- No animals were harmed in the production of this story, except Roy, and he doesn’t count, he abused a woman.