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hold his head in place久久丫精品国产亚洲av

(Jessica)As I wake up the next morning with a sore throat courtesy of my son relentlessly face fucking me a few hours ago, Trevor is in the shower. Yesterday afternoon, I was looking forward to a lazy Saturday after a stressful week at work. Then last night happened and I'm immediately nervous that Dylan or I will somehow accidentally reveal our secret to my husband. That makes me feel sick to my stomach with anxiety. Then, I sit up and Trevor opens the bathroom door with a cloud of steam escaping.(Trevor)"Hey, love. Sorry I couldn't stay awake last night. I passed out at around 9:00. How'd your presentations at work go?"(Jessica)"Huh? Oh, good." It's hard to concentrate on Trevor's voice while thinking about what I did last night.(Trevor)"You okay?"(Jessica)I can't do or say anything to make him suspicious. "Yeah, yeah. I have a sore throat and it's hard for me to talk. I think it's from talking non-stop yesterday."(Trevor)"Okay. Well, it's almost 8:00, so I'll go downstairs and get some coffee going for us. See you down there whenever."(Jessica)I give him a nod and he leaves the room wearing an old t-shirt and pajama pants. Once he's out of my sight, I fall back onto my pillow and reflect on the night before. Just thinking about it with images of gobbling up my son's cock, balls, and cum flashing through my head instantly turns me on and I start playing with my clit. As I showered last night, I wondered how I'd feel after sleeping on it. Aside from anxiety from being found out, I have no regrets and am excited to take it further when given the chance. It doesn't take long to get myself off, so I head to the bathroom and complete my morning routine.I put on the same loose t-shirt from last night with a pair of lime green yoga pants since my shorts got soaked. My new ensemble is not an accident. I know exactly what I'm doing. After applying a bit of eyeliner and pulling my hair into a ponytail, I head downstairs to find an empty family room and kitchen. Trevor must be checking his work e-mail. I go to his office and as expected, I find him at his desk in front of his work laptop with morning news on the TV. "Hey, you hungry?"(Trevor)"Uhhhhhh, yes. I got an e-mail saying I need to go out-of-state next Saturday and won't get back until late that Wednesday."(Jessica)"Shoot." YES! Four uninterrupted nights alone with Dylan. That's the kind of opportunity I was hoping for. "Are you going to be in here for a while dealing with work?"(Trevor)"Yep, looks that way."(Jessica)"Okay. I'm going to make some eggs and toast. You hang out in here and I'll bring them in."(Trevor)"Thank you, dear."(Jessica)A few minutes pass by and I'm adding eggs in the pan when I hear footsteps ascending the basement stairs, then the door opens and closes. I keep my back to Dylan and let my yoga pants do their job.(Dylan)God. There's my slut mother making breakfast wearing that shirt again with tight yoga pants that are absolutely clinging to her bubble butt. There's an obvious crease defining her deep butt crack. It looks like two balls divided perfectly in half. I approach her quietly and push into her backside so that I can easily feel her up from behind.(Jessica)"Mmmmmm. Morning, baby." Dylan pushing against me feels good, comforting.(Dylan)"Morning, Mom." I can't resist touching her and wrap my arms around her waist with my hands reaching inside her shirt to massage the underside of her breasts. Then I start grinding my pants-covered dick into her ass crack.(Jessica)"Mmmmmm." Trevor is a tits guy and gets grossed out by the thought of even touching anywhere near my asshole. I've asked him a few times over the years if he'd be up for trying anal and he's always shied away from it, saying maybe in the future. I got the hint, though, and stopped asking about 5 years ago. I was tired of the disappointment every time I got rejected and he's never brought it up on his own. So having attention shown to my ass feels great and lets me know it still looks good to someone.(Dylan)I want to tear Mom's skin-tight pants off right now and bury my face in her fat, but tight ass. Just seeing it last night and this morning was enough to give me an erection. Actually feeling it now is bringing back familiar animalistic feelings from last night. I squeeze a little tighter and start increasing my pace in an attempt to dry hump her bum. She puts her hands out on the counter to stabilize herself, gives a quick sexy moan, then looks back at me.(Jessica)"Dylan, not now. Ahhhh, it feels good. But not now. Your father is in his office and could walk in here any second. We have to be smart."(Dylan)Like I give a damn. I'm pressed deep enough into her crack now so that I feel her cheeks hugging my erection as I move it up and down with her body rocking back and forth against the counter. I'm tempted to take both of our pants off.(Jessica)Having my son's big virgin dick creating friction between my ass cheeks feels wonderful. I start to imagine it happening without pants on, then remember our current situation and regain composure. "Dylan, NOT now." I take his hands off my breasts and push his hips away to turn around and see a massive pants tent on his crotch. He looks at me with a mix of surprise and disappointment.(Dylan)"Sorry, Mom. I'm just so horny and you turn me on so much. I can't stop myself from feeling you up."(Jessica)I like that. "It's fine. But we cannot do this stuff when your dad is around and he can easily catch us. Can't do it. Okay?"(Dylan)"Yeah, okay."(Jessica)"Your dad let me know he's going out of town next Saturday for a few days. So until then, we're just mom and son. Understand?"(Dylan)"I got it." Damn, a whole week. I desperately want to bang my mom right now and would do anything to convince her to let me. But I can't force it and ruin what I have. I need to be smart and play along.(Jessica)I pull his dick out so that it's standing straight up, bend down, suck the fat head and a few more inches into my mouth, and go in-and-out with it 5 or 6 quick times before quietly pulling away and tucking it back into his pants with my hand. "One week, mister. You can make it." I hope I can make it.(Dylan)Oh yeah. Feeling my mom's mouth again sends a wave of satisfaction over my body. Even if only for a few seconds. She hands me a plate of eggs and gives a flirty smirk.(Jessica)"Now go eat downstairs so your dad doesn't catch a glimpse of your big hard-on." God damn, that kid's got a good dick. Dylan retreats downstairs as I finish making the toast and take Trevor's food to him. He gives me a quick thanks without breaking his stare from the computer. I bend down to kiss him on his lips with him having no idea I just had our son's morning wood between mine. That sends a shiver of naughtiness down my spine as I walk out to enjoy my food alone in the family room, happily thinking about what just happened and how excited I am for a week from today. I'm going to take my son's virginity.Saturday goes by. Sunday comes and goes. Monday drags on for eternity. Tuesday, just four days away. An uneventful Wednesday is gone. Thursday's done. We get past Friday as well as another sexless week with Trevor.FINALLY, Saturday is here again. Dylan was a good boy all week and respected my wishes. I did catch him looking me up and down numerous times as he patiently waited. And I'll be honest, I dressed down every night in a way to catch his eye just to keep him wanting more. There was only one person in my life I was trying to impress all week and it wasn't my husband.On the morning of the day Trevor is leaving us, I jump out of bed at about 6:00 AM like a child on Christmas morning. I don't really know what to do with myself, so I complete chores around the house until I hear shuffling coming up the basement stairs at about 8:00. Dylan emerges from the door looking at me with squinted eyes. "Good morning, sweetie."(Dylan)"Morning. What are you doing?"(Jessica)"Stuff around the house."(Dylan)"Dad still here?"(Jessica)He's wasting no time. "Uh huh. He doesn't leave for the airport until 3:00 this afternoon."(Dylan)I want him gone now. "Oh. Okay." I don't really know how to approach today since I've been instructed to not do anything with Dad around. And when he does leave, then what? Do I just take her how I want? Let her lead? I don't know.(Jessica)"I was thinking. Why don't you take me out somewhere nice to eat tonight since it'll just be the two of us? A romantic date."(Dylan)I don't have a job to pay for a meal and I don't have a car. This is going to feel like a mom taking her little kid somewhere fun to eat. Just as I'm about to respond, she saves me from the embarrassment.(Jessica)"How about I drive us there and pay for the food, then you drive us home since I'll probably have a few drinks? You have your driver's license, so we might as well use it. Then when we get home, we'll see where the night takes us."(Dylan)I feel a little better about that arrangement. "Okay, that sounds good. What time?"(Jessica)"I looked online and the restaurant has an availability at 6:00, so let's leave at 5:15. And DRESS UP. We're going somewhere nice, so you can't go in wearing sweats and a baseball cap." I'm making sure this will be a memorable night for him. Also, selfishly, I want to see him putting effort into looking attractive for me.We wrap up our quick conversation and go our separate ways. I don't see him the rest of the day as we stay busy doing our own things. 3:00 comes and Trevor gives me the now all-too-familiar quick peck on the cheek as he leaves with his luggage. No matter since I'm no longer dependent on him for satisfying my sexual needs. I head to the master bathroom to shower and start primping. I feel excitement and happiness as I begin preparing myself for my son, knowing what's to come later.5:10 hits and I hear Dylan yell up to me.(Dylan)"Mom, are you coming?!"(Jessica)"Yeah, I'll be right down!" I turn to the full-length mirror by the bed for one final review of my appearance and know there's no way he'll be able to contain himself tonight. Mission accomplished.(Jessica)The mirror's reflection gives me a full view of myself in a sleeveless wine red midi cocktail dress that cuts off at the knees. It has a deep v-neck with see-through mesh detailing on the bust and lace trimming on the bodice. The bust has built-in padding to really make my cleavage pop and the back zips up. There's a side split on the left leg of the skirt with scalloped lace edging. I'm not wearing underwear because the dress is fairly tight in the hips, so I want to keep it perfectly shaped.The high heels are matching in color and help to make my ass look stronger. My hair is down and I made sure it has plenty of volume. The makeup took about 30 minutes to apply, but looks on point. The smokey eyeshadow, dark pink lipstick, and medium length press-on gel fingernails with white tips complete the look. I'm feeling very confident in myself as I grab my black leather wristlet and head downstairs to meet my son.(Dylan)As Mom starts coming down the stairs, I see she's wearing high heels and a dress. Then she comes into full view and I can barely contain myself. She looks elegant, sexy, and drop dead gorgeous. I've never seen her look like this before and stand speechless shaking my head in disbelief. Her breasts look immaculate in that dress. Surprisingly, my favorite part about the look might be her hair. It looks so full and sexy, like it was professionally styled. Holy shit, she's SO hot.(Jessica)As Dylan stands there shaking his head looking me up and down, I can't help but to smile. He's hooked. "What do you think?"(Dylan)"Wow. You look...unbelievable. So good."(Jessica)As I let his eyes survey me, I'm also checking him out. His dirty blonde hair is neatly styled and he's wearing a light blue dress shirt with the top button unbuttoned, black dress pants and shoes, and a black 5-button vest with the bottom button undone. I can also see a black belt with a silver buckle peeking out from under the vest. Aside from gifts from family, I've bought all of his clothes for him. And with him only being 18, he doesn't have an extensive wardrobe. I know this is about the nicest outfit he could put together with what he has, so I certainly appreciate his clothing choice for our date. And he looks damn good in it, too. Maybe it's the way the vest frames him, but he looks more athletic than usual. I'd love to get him naked right now since I've only seen him bottomless so far. In due time.(Jessica)"Thank you. I've gotta say, you're looking pretty hot yourself over there. Mama likes. You ready to go?"(Dylan)"Yep."(Jessica)I'm sure to walk in front of him on our way to the garage so he can watch me from behind and I immediately feel his eyes on me. I also feel something else at the same time that I haven't felt in years...butterflies. This is so exciting.(Dylan)As Mom walks in front of me down the hall to our garage, I have a perfect view of her ass as each cheek shifts with every step she takes. I swear she's trying to put on a show and she's doing a great job with it. I can also smell her perfume and shampoo in the air and it's intoxicating. This is a woman who knows to handle and present herself confidently unlike girls in school who are unsure of themselves or try too hard to be seen. Mom doesn't even have to try, she naturally pulls my eyes in her direction. Her confidence is a huge turn on. We reach the car and pull out of the garage in silence. I'm excited, but also very nervous.(Jessica)We live just outside a major city and the restaurant is downtown, so there's traffic to battle at 5:30 on a Saturday night in the summer. After a 40-minute drive with some small talk included, we reach our destination. This is a 4-star French restaurant with a dress code that I made sure we matched. As we exit the car, I meet Dylan's left side and hook my arm under his so we walk in together. When we enter the lobby, we're greeted by the hosts and shown our table.I can feel most people looking up at us from their plates as we walk behind the host through the place. I wonder if they're looking at me, Dylan, or both of us as a couple. I hope some of the guys are looking at me and am sure many of the women are jealous of my date. Even though we're mom and son, they don't know that and I don't plan on letting them come to that conclusion. We get seated at a table in the back corner away from most of the other patrons and are greeted by our 30-something waitress, Caitlin, a few seconds after we sit.(Caitlin)"Good evening and welcome to La Lune. I'm your server, Caitlin. Have you two dined here before or is it your first time?"(Jessica)"First time for both of us."(Caitlin)"Great. Is it a special occasion?"(Jessica)"Yes, this is our first date." Just then, I catch a glance of jealousy from Caitlin and love it. That's right, this hot young guy is mine. I see Dylan crack a smile across the table. From there, we place our drink orders. Dylan goes with water while I order a very expensive glass of red wine.(Dylan)"First date, huh? You think she bought it?"(Jessica)"Hahaha!!! Yeah, she bought it. But it's also true. There's nobody else around tonight, so we're free to be ourselves and not just mom and son. Remember the rules. We are two adults tonight on a date enjoying the other's company, both verbally and physically." As I finish saying that, I again feel a shot of excitement run through my veins.Drinks came, we ordered food, more drinks came, we ate, and a final round of drinks came. My son, having only had water all night, is completely sober. I, on the other hand, am definitely tipsy and feeling uninhibited. As we make small talk, I stretch my shoe out under the table and find his leg. I start rubbing it, trying to get as close to his crotch as I can before realizing I can't get it as high as I want. Damn being only 5'5" with short legs. With that realization, I finish my third glass of wine and put my credit card in the check folder. Caitlin comes by to grab it and I reach my hand across the table to hold Dylan's. "So, what now?"(Dylan)"You mean after the restaurant?(Jessica)"Mmm-hmmm." I'm so ready to get my son naked and on top of me.(Dylan)"Do you want to go back home?" Can I be assertive now and tell her everything I want to do to her? This situation is still awkward and weird, but my hormones don't give a shit.(Jessica)"Okay. Then what?" I'm curious to see how he handles this conversation. Plus, since I'm feeling effects of the wine, I want to flirt and mess with his head a bit.(Dylan)She's going to make me say it, huh? I had my cock down her throat a week ago and have been fantasizing all week about being inside of her. But now that the night is here, I'm having a hard time expressing myself and taking control. "Not sure. Maybe watch a movie or something? It's only 8:00 right now, so the night is still young."(Jessica)What happened to the controlling face fucker from a week ago? Maybe he has to get the act going before he finds himself again. "Maybe a movie, maybe something else. We'll see. You ready to go?"(Dylan)"Yeah, let's get out of here."(Jessica)"You drive." I hand him the keys and stand up to leave. As he steps toward me, I again hook my arm under his left arm and rest my head on his shoulder on our way out. Maybe it's because of the rut Trevor and I have fallen into, but the physical connection with Dylan feels special. Like he's my man. Every second we're touching each other, I cherish.(Dylan)As we approach the exit, I let her walk slightly ahead of me and I lower my left hand to guide her lower back. But I feel my hand rest atop the shelf that is her butt cheek and decide to let it drop so that the cheek is in my palm. I rub it around and feel no underwear lines. My mom is going commando and it feels amazing. I give a quick squeeze and marvel at its combination of firmness and softness.(Jessica)THERE he is. I give a slight yelp and smile wide as my son grabs my ass. Yeah, there won't be any movies in our house tonight.We get in the car and Dylan pulls us out of the parking lot. I'm sitting in the passenger seat so that the split on the skirt portion of my dress clearly exposes most of my left leg to him. After about 10 minutes of driving, I've seen him look over from the corner of his eye multiple times. He thinks he's sly, but I giggle to myself at how obvious he is. So I reach across the center console and pull his right hand onto my exposed thigh and leave it there for him to do what he wants.(Dylan)Mom's leg feels so smooth and hairless. This is the first time I've touched her skin below her belly button and it's making my dick grow. As I slide it up, I can feel a substantial amount of heat hit my hand. Neither of us is saying anything, just enjoying the touching. I look over and she's got her head tilted back with her eyes closed.(Jessica)His fingers are only about 6 inches from my vagina now and my leg's quivering a little bit. This drive home could never be short enough. He starts squeezing my inner thigh and rubbing up and down as my pussy is crying to be penetrated. I don't think he can reach far enough to get inside. DAMN IT!(Dylan)I can't reach far enough to get my fingers into her. DAMN IT! After about 5 minutes of squeezing and rubbing Mom's leg, I pull my hand back to finish the drive home. But then she unhooks her seatbelt and leans over.(Jessica)I'm not waiting another 15 minutes to get home. I'm pulling him out of those pants right now.(Dylan)Mom starts feverishly unlatching my belt and unzips my pants to reveal my erection. She wastes no time in stuffing it in her mouth and going up and down. God damn, I'm getting road head from my mother now.(Jessica)Dylan's penis feels at home in my mouth. I'd love to go wild on it, but can't leave a mess or stains in the car. I carefully bob up and down on about the top 4 inches and jerk the bottom 4 remaining inches with my right hand.(Dylan)As Mom goes up and down on me, I rest my right hand on the back of her head and try to screw her mouth while maintaining control of the car. This is difficult to balance. I decide to shorten my pelvic movement and let her control most of it. She starts twisting her head onto it while never coming up for a breather. I hear her moaning and breathing hard from her nose. We pass by an 18-wheeler in the lane to the right of us and the driver blows his horn. He must have caught a glimpse of what's happening. If he only knew what's actually happening right now...(Jessica)I don't even care about Dylan blowing his load right now and not saving it for when we get home. I'll make sure he has time to recharge his balls for another load. Right now, I'm just starving for my son's cum.(Dylan)It's probably been about 5 minutes now and she's come up for a quick breather just once. She's loudly slurping on it in an effort to keep everything contained and not on the car seat. She's incredible.(Jessica)Some of my saliva has dripped onto his pants,无码日日模日日碰夜夜爽 but that doesn't matter as long as the seat and car's interior stays clean. I'm the one who does his laundry anyway. I can feel his dick grow a little more and his balls tighten.(Dylan)"I'm about to cum, Mom."(Jessica)"Mm-hm. Mmmmmm." Dylan's cum splashes into my mouth with multiple sprays that I quickly suck down to prevent a mess. Unlike last week when load after load was deposited down my throat, these servings of my boy's semen are hitting my tongue and getting tasted. And it tastes so good. A little bitter, but still with some sweetness mixed in. And it's THICK to the point that I feel like I should chew it before swallowing. This scene is so hot. Spray, gulp, spray, gulp, spray, gulp.He's stopped shooting now and I've swallowed it all while successfully keeping the car unblemished. I lick all around the base of his dick and pull myself back up into my seat as we make the turn onto our street.(Dylan)God, that felt so good. I look over at Mom and she's staring at me with a devilish smirk and wiping the corners of her mouth. Such a slut.(Jessica)"Leave it hanging out of your pants as we pull into the garage." After giving him road head, I'm more turned on than ever and determined to screw my son's brains out tonight.(Dylan)The house's front lights automatically come on as the garage door raises. I just hope no neighbors were looking out their windows because there's no denying what they would have seen. Once we're completely inside, I lower the garage door and step out of the car holding the saliva-dampened waist of my pants up with my right hand.(Jessica)"Get inside and take your pants off."(Dylan)I follow Mom from behind back into the house with my erection still partially intact as I watch her ass bounce through her dress with each step again. God damn, I want that ass. As instructed, I drop my pants on the floor along with my socks and shoes.(Jessica)"Come on."(Dylan)Mom starts going upstairs and I closely follow. It looks like she's purposefully trying to shove her big ass into my face, so I slap the right cheek as it sways to the side.(Jessica)"Ooh! I like that." Feeling the sting of my son's hand smacking my ass did nothing to decrease my horniness, that's for sure.(Dylan)She goes into her and Dad's room and I follow. Is this really about to happen? Just like that without any conversation first? I stop at the doorway as she walks to the full-length mirror next to her side of the bed and kicks her high heels off. I see her looking at me in the reflection.(Jessica)"Come unzip me, please. It unzips down my back."(Dylan)I enter the room and approach her from behind, bottomless. She tilts her head forward so her hair falls safely away from the zipper. I reach out and slowly unzip her dress until it reaches its end at the top of her butt. Then I back up a couple of feet as she lowers the dress and drops it to the floor next to her shoes. What's standing in front of me is a work of art and the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.(Jessica)Here I am, fully naked in front of my son without a care in the world. The feeling is completely liberating and somehow natural. I watch Dylan take the view in from behind as he observes my front in the reflection, wondering what's going through his mind.(Dylan)Mom's breasts are MASSIVE and perfectly round. They looked good last week, but they're perfect this week now that I can see her fully nude. And her ass! Holy shit. It's also perfect. Plump, round, and firm with a little mole on the left cheek. Her pussy is shaved with just a little bit of brown hair around the area. I can see the c-section scar from when she had me and it doesn't turn me off at all. If anything, I appreciate the imperfection more since the rest of her doesn't have any other imperfections. She looks like a goddess.I step up to her as she watches me in the mirror and put my arms around her stomach with my partial erection hanging down and pressing against her ass crack. I reach up and start massaging her breasts. She lays her head back with closed eyes, so I bend my head down and start kissing the left side of her neck with her long dark hair falling against my chest. I might still be a virgin, but kissing was the one thing I nailed down during my month of dating this past year. Then she reaches her left hand behind my neck and starts jerking me off with her right hand, fingers on the underside.(Jessica)Feeling my son's tongue run up and down my neck feels calming and extremely sexy. And the feeling of his dangling cock pressing against my ass is heavenly. I can tell it's not erect, so I grab it and start pumping. His hands are massaging my breasts and we don't say a word. All I hear is our breathing. I turn around and stay within his grasp, but now his hands drop to my ass cheeks and I keep jerking him. I look up into his eyes hungry with lust and press my lips against his. To my surprise, he immediately opens his mouth and I feel his tongue on mine. Oh yes.(Dylan)I can taste the wine from Mom's lips as our mouths attack each other. I feel her slipping her tongue deep into my mouth, so I return the favor. The sound of our breathing and spit swapping are the only noises in the room. Then she sucks on my tongue and pulls her face away from mine. I see her looking into my eyes, going back and forth between the two.(Jessica)God, this kid can kiss. "Hang on a second." I reach for my phone to find a playlist called BDSM: Dominatrix & Submissive and connect my phone to the bluetooth speaker in the room as the music starts playing. I toss the phone to the side and fall onto the bed lying on my back. Dylan follows.(Dylan)As Mom lies back, I hover over her and start licking circles around her right nipple. It's getting harder by the second, so I latch onto it and suck it into my mouth.(Jessica)"Oh yes, Dylan. Suck on Mommy's titties like a good boy." I get flashbacks of breastfeeding him nearly 20 years ago and never thought I'd be feeding him my nipples again. I can tell he's trying to get as much as he can into his mouth and lightly nibbling on my nipple. Then he pulls back and I pull his head down onto my left breast. He devours it.(Dylan)Mom's tits are so big that I'm not even close to fitting one in my mouth. Still, I open wide and eat as much of it as I can. It's really soft and moves almost like liquid in my mouth. I start nibbling on her gummy left nipple and then suck like I'm trying to coax milk from it. I hear her inhale sharply and arch her back. She must be liking this.(Jessica)Seeing my 38DD get pulled into Dylan's mouth and feeling him suck my nipple while circling his wet tongue around it is driving me crazy. Then he pulls up to look at me and I take the opportunity to push his shoulders so he starts sliding down my naked body. He seems to understand my expectations as he begins kissing my stomach and running his tongue down me. I prop a pillow under my head so I can watch his face disappear between my legs.(Dylan)As I run my tongue down Mom's soft belly, I start to get nervous. I know she wants me to eat her out, but I've never done this before. I'm going to suck at it. But, the moment of truth is here and I have to figure out how to do it on-the-fly. So I grab her by the hips and pull her toward the edge of the bed and get on my knees. My mom's vagina is staring me in the face, inches away. I can already feel its warmth.(Jessica)As I get pulled to the edge of the bed, I see Dylan's face disappear with just the top of his head visible. I feel his breath inching closer to my skin. Come on, do it. The anticipation is killing me. I spread my legs as wide as I can and see his hands come up to rest on my thick inner thighs. Then, he dives in.(Dylan)Mom invites me in by spreading her legs wide and I accept the invitation. I run my tongue along the inner walls of her labia, then I find her clit and start flicking it up with my tongue. She's already wet and there's no working around it, so I decide to bury my face and push my tongue in as far as I can get it.(Jessica)OH YES!!! My son's tongue is working my pussy and it's fantastic. Licking my labia and clit were a great start, but having him inside me was what I wanted. I know I was already wet and can hear my juices squishing against his face. This is ecstasy. I grab his hair, hold his head in place, and start humping his face. I hear him mumbling something, but couldn't care less about his words right now. "That's it, let your mother fuck your face."(Dylan)Mom is thrashing her pelvis onto my face, seemingly uncontrollably, and it's unbelievably hot. I try to yell for her to fuck my mouth, but my words are muted by her pussy. I can smell and taste her now and she's sweet in both regards. I can't get enough of either and bury myself harder into her. I straighten my tongue as much as I can and let her pound herself onto it.(Jessica)"Fuck yes. Good boy, Dylan. Eat Momma's cunt, my naughty son." I begin to throw my snatch up and down violently so that I smear myself all over his face. I'm not just fucking his tongue anymore, I'm now fucking HIS face to the point that his chin gets pulled into my clit and his tongue runs down the entirety of my perineum, millimeters away from my virgin asshole. With another position in mind, I let go of his hair and stand up. "Get on the bed, on your back." He looks at me obediently with a glistening face and lies on the bed.Once he's down, I climb onto the bed and straddle his face, grabbing his hair again. "Stick your tongue back out." He does as he's told and I start riding my son's face as I look down at him being smothered.(Dylan)Looking up at Mom as she sits on my face, her expression is one of pure lust. Getting off is the only thing on her mind right now and I couldn't be happier to make it happen. Her heavy tits are swinging forward and back as she grinds herself onto me. I gasp for air with difficulty since the opportunities are rare as she grinds at the speed of lightning. She begins pulling my hair harder and bouncing up and down on my tongue as she stares into my eyes biting her lip.(Jessica)I feel my legs start to shake. "Oh God, baby. I'm about to cum. Keep licking, don't stop."(Dylan)My tongue is completely numb now. I think I have it extended out, but am not positive. Being used by Mom like this is such a turn on and a real dream come true.(Jessica)"Here it comes, baby!"(Dylan)She throws her head back and an explosion of warm wetness splashes into my mouth and onto my face. My mom is squirting as she sits on my face.(Jessica)"Swallow it." Wave after wave of intense pleasure runs through me and my legs tighten against Dylan's head as I squirt three times, heavily. I look down at him swallowing me as I keep lightly rubbing my pussy onto his mouth. "Yeah, swallow all of it."(Dylan)There's not much of a flavor, surprisingly. But there was definitely more fluid than I expected. Mom stops rubbing herself against me and scoots back. Then she bends down and starts kissing me.(Jessica)Hahahaha!!! His face is dripping wet, like he just climbed out of the pool. I bend down to kiss him again and clean myself off of his lips a bit. I slip my tongue back into his mouth and dance with his tongue. He tastes so sweet. I pull back up and a string of my juices and our spit stays connected. It then disconnects from him and falls onto my chest. "Let's get your shirt and vest off."I unbutton his vest, then shirt, and pull both off over his head and lifted arms. As I sit on his waist, I look down at him topless for the first time and he's in much better shape than I previously thought. He has some muscular definition in his chest, shoulders, and arms. I can also see a couple of veins running down his arms. He doesn't have a 6-pack, but his abs are as flat as a board. He looks like he should be a surfer with his dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Then, I feel the tip of his cock brush against my butt cheek. "What's that?"(Dylan)The image of Mom sitting naked on top of me is a showstopper. Her huge tits are hanging down, but still firm. Her stomach has a slight puffiness to it on the front, but the sides are straight. She's almost 40 and looks incredible. She raises a few inches and scoots back a little more. Then she sits right on top of my penis with it splitting her labia folds. The warmth and wetness feel like nothing else. She smiles and starts slowly grinding back and forth.(Jessica)"You ready, sweetie?"(Dylan)"Yes." And with that, she raises up about a foot, pulls my dick straight up, then lowers herself back onto me so I'm all the way inside of her pussy.(Jessica)Oh God. The feeling of fullness is amazing. The difference in girth between him and his father makes a world of difference. I stay still for a few seconds, then bend down to lick his lips and tip of his tongue, sit back up, push my hair back, and start riding my son's massive virgin cock with a steady rhythm.(Dylan)This feels amazingly warm, soft, and slippery. My mom's hips are going back and forward at a restrained pace, but I'm in no hurry for this to end. I'm savoring the feeling and look of her being in a world of her own on top of me.(Jessica)Dylan's cock feels like it was custom fitted to be inside of me. It's a tight fit, but oh so pleasurable. I put my hands on his hairless chest and start riding faster. Still not too fast, but at a pace that increases my heart rate. I start mixing in up and down slamming with the grinding.(Dylan)With Mom's hands on my chest, her arms are incidentally pushing her breasts together to create deep cleavage. I reach up and run my hand between it as her pace increases. A couple of minutes later, she shifts her position a little so her left knee is still on the bed, but her right leg is halfway propping her up like a kickstand with her torso angled to my right. She starts slamming into my pelvis and I feel myself bottoming out in her. Her left breast is hanging near my face, so I suck it back into my mouth as she pounds me.(Jessica)Oh wow. Dylan's now hitting into my cervix as I increase my pace again and am slamming down onto him. It's a good feeling. "Oh yes, baby. You like having your mother ride your big cock?"(Dylan)"Mmm-hmmm." This truly is an amazing feeling. I want it again after tonight. Mom is pounding herself down onto me now at a voracious pace as my dick keeps hitting a wall inside of her. She grabs the headboard with her right hand, digs her nails into my chest with her left hand, screams out, and starts shaking on top of me. I think she's cumming again.(Jessica)"AaaaaAAAAHHHH YEEEEESSSS!!!" My boy is giving me a second orgasm tonight. How the hell is he still a virgin? His repeated pounding into my cervix made me cum pretty quickly. I'll have to remember this position for future use. I really want him to cum in me now.(Dylan)Mom starts opening and closing her legs, like she's trying to squeeze the last drop of her juices out. She's got her tit pulled from my mouth and hands on the back of her head now, supporting it as she tilts it back and breathes heavily. Her big tits are swinging forward and back again as she continues slowly rocking on me. It's such a great view of her because her back is arched, so her chest is pressed forward. That leads my eyes up her neck to her beautiful face, then to her now messy hair. She looks like the epitome of a horny MILF and she's mine. And I'm far from being done with her. I roll her off of my dick and get on my knees. "Get on all fours."(Jessica)"You want to take me doggystyle?" I assume the position for my lover and soon feel him enter me from behind. Oooh shit, he's getting even deeper than before.(Dylan)Mom's ass is looking right at me as I plunge back into her pussy. As I go in and out, I get hornier watching her ass cheeks ripple with every thrust. They create a small fold at the top where they meet the small of her back, so I grab the fold like a handle and start driving hard.(Jessica)My son's dick feels so good inside of me. I'm at a position on the bed where I can watch him fuck me from behind in the full-length mirror beside the bed. Watching his expressions lets me know I'm giving him exactly what he wants and needs. I want him to take everything from me that he wants. The head of his cock starts flicking against my g-spot every time he pushes in, so I start pushing back into him.(Dylan)Mom and I are now fucking each other like rabbits in heat. I look in the mirror beside the bed and watch her tits swing around as I control her from behind. That's a good look. I can also see her watching me in the reflection. We make eye contact and briefly smile at each other. Then she looks over her left shoulder at me with her seductive eyes.(Jessica)"Keep riding me, baby. I want you to cum in me."(Dylan)That makes me start pounding her harder with the sound of my pelvis smacking into her ample ass cheeks growing louder. I move my hands to grab the sides of her hips and pull her into me as much as possible as I continue driving my cock deep inside of my mom. There's no mistaking what's happening in here if someone from the outside heard us.(Jessica)Over and over, my son's cock hits my g-spot. It's almost too much to handle. I collapse face-first onto the bed and Dylan stays attached. I see in the mirror that he has put himself in a push-up position and is driving downward into me now. Knowing he wants this as much as I do makes it feel right. Then, I start to feel the tingle inside myself with a wave of pleasure hit. My hamstrings tighten and I cum AGAIN all over my son's cock. He doesn't slow down, though, he keeps pounding me. "Oooooooh God! I'm cumming again!"(Dylan)"Uh-huh." Mom splashes onto me, squirting again like when she was on my face. The force hits my dick and makes me want to never stop. The sound in the room is now an obvious wet pounding. I love it. She convulses a few times and it feels like her vagina is hugging me from the inside. Wow.(Jessica)3 god damn orgasms, shit. I really can't get enough of my son's dick. And he knows how to use it. Then Dylan flips me onto my back so I'm looking up at him again. I look down and watch his big cock go in and out of me and my brain is firing on all sexual cylinders. "Yes, Dylan. Fuck Mommy's cunt and cum in me. I want it. Give it to me." I grab his arms and hold tightly as he drives into me. Then I wrap my legs around him to pull him closer and grab his ass with both hands as he continues plowing my wet box.(Dylan)I can feel myself getting close. I watch Mom's massive tits roll up and down as I hold her hips and heave myself into her. What a sight that is. Her hands are squeezing my ass as she fucks me back from underneath. I lean down and shove my tongue into her mouth and she receives me with a moan. We're both gasping for air as we use our tongues to fuck the other's mouth. I feel my dick twitch and balls tighten, so I pull my face back to look at her. She gives me her devilish smirk again and nods. Then I start spraying my cum deep inside her pussy. I can't stop fucking her as I spray, it's instinctive. I'm trying to shoot my seed as deep into her womb as I can get it with the strongest orgasm I've ever felt. I want to breed my own mother.(Jessica)I feel his warm semen shoot deep into me, again and again. I watch his face the entire time and know I'm giving him something special. I feel special because of that. I let go of his ass and lightly grab his hair which redirects his eyes to mine. "I love you, Dylan."(Dylan)"I love you, Mom." I release my last spray of cum into Mom's vagina and push it in as far as I can. Mom's biting her lip and I lean down to give her a soft kiss.We did it. I just fucked my mother and came in her. I'm no longer a virgin. The feeling is a little confusing because everything that transpired over the last 40 minutes was information overload. But I also feel awesome. Completely euphoric. I pull out from Mom and roll onto my back beside her. There's an audible wet plop when I unhook my cock from her. This is amazing.(Jessica)I just took my son's virginity and have no regrets. It was an unbelievable experience. And on top of that, he's incredible in bed. I will definitely be getting more of that. I turn my head to my right to look at Dylan as I feel his warm jizz running down onto my ass. "Jesus, that was amazing. What'd you think?"(Dylan)I turn my head to look at Mom. "I have no words. It was unbelievable."(Jessica)"You're happy?"(Dylan)"Oh yeah. I want more of you, Mom. I feel uncontrollable when I'm near you. I ALWAYS want to rip your clothes off and get inside of you."(Jessica)"Good."(Dylan)"We have 3 more nights without Dad, right?"(Jessica)"Uh-huh. Not only that, but I took Monday through Wednesday off work for us. So we've got the days, too. And during this time, I'm all yours."(Dylan)That news sends a wave of excitement through me. I can't wait to do this again.(Jessica)"I'll be honest, I'm a little worn out after that 40-minute fuckfest. Your stamina is off the charts. I'm used to being done after about 15 minutes with your father, so I think I'm tapping out for the night."(Dylan)Damn it. "Okay. I'll see you in the morning?"(Jessica)"You're not going anywhere. You're sleeping with me tonight on your dad's side of the bed. The only rule is we sleep naked. Deal?"(Dylan)"Deal!" I feel somewhat guilty for sleeping with Mom in Dad's bed, but that's nothing compared to what we've already done. So screw it.(Jessica)We get ready for bed together in the master bathroom, sharing quick glances with each other in the mirror as we brush our teeth beside each other. We finish up and climb into bed under the covers. I roll over and give Dylan one more deep kiss. "Good night, my love."(Dylan)"Good night, Mom."(Jessica)I lay my head on Dylan's chest and he rests his left hand on my head, massaging my scalp with his fingers. This is pure bliss. I lay my left arm across his waist and drift off to sleep with my naked son under me.