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tongue still in ass久久夜色精品国产噜噜亚洲av

They led me through town towards the cave, stripped naked with my hands chained behind my back, legs with a loose chain between them being exhibited as the sacrifice to the Dark Dragon. I tried to enjoy my last moments being marched through the town; the Dragon always ate its captor alive. I let the cool breeze dance across my skin, knowing that all eyes were on me; trying to get my last voyeuristic thrill. We were close to the cave; you could see a thin trail of smoke fluttering out of its entrance; the air warming the closer we got. My ears detected some mix of a growl and a purr emanating from the cave as well that sent a strong tingle fluttering down my spine making my muscles clench; I knew I was being watched. “Send him in…” the deep voice rumbled; more tingles and not just in my spine… They took off my chains and got me just out of site into the darkness; and left me for dead. Or so they thought. “Come closer…” the Dragon growled. Did I sense some sort of excitement from the voice? Or was it just that it made all of the lower regions of my body light up with a fire that might be fiercer than the one in the belly of the beast somewhere in the cave. “I… I can’t… s… see you…” I managed to stutter; the fear finally setting in. A single golden eye appeared in the dark, and I thought I may have seen a glint of teeth in a smile? “Walk towards my eye…” The deep voice boomed; my legs actually shaking in the mix of pure terror, but still that familiar twinge of desire. I walked clumsily toward the light of that golden piercing eye. “Finally.” I barely heard him murmur before he shot of a jet of flame that I seemed certain was destined to leave me a raw hunk of medium rare, but instead hit a torch slight to the side of me, and subsequently lit all of the torches in a circle revealing the Dark Dragon. He wasn’t as enormous as legends had said, but he still was a sight to behold. Shimmering black scales that looked sensuously smooth but solid at the same time covered him, with slightly grayer ones on his belly that seemed to lead the eyes to what laid between those two powerful black legs. But he growl/purred again which lead my eyes up from his webbed wings to the chiseled muzzle with those piercing glowing eyes of molten gold that made those incessant tingles flare up even more powerfully as I watched a forked tongue flutter out of his mouth” His lip curled up in an obvious grin showing those ivory knives of terror at me and gave me a satisfied look. “So, they finally send me a MALE sacrifice…” I shook in terror and fell to my knees; sure that I was just being toyed with before being gobbled up. “Please don’t eat me!” The Dragon cocked his head in an unusual way. “Eat you eh? Well, I may have if you were a woman… I guess I will be eating you sort of…” He chuckled; a thin bit of smoke escaping his lips as he did. “W… What do you mean? I managed to choke out; in spite of my circumstances, I was curious. I was the first male sacrifice… well… ever as far as history was concerned. His tongue flicked out, the fork scratching up right around my nipple before returning to his mouth; his tongue slightly rough like a cats. I couldn’t help but let a small excited noise escape from my mouth. “And a willing participant none the less!” He roared making the cave shake slightly. “I don’t plan on eating you for supper boy… Being stuck in this cave for so many years, I find myself… lacking certain pleasures in life…” He looked at me quizzically; trying to see if I understood or if he would have to make it clearer. “What pleasures sir?” I asked, trying to sound not too curious, but failing miserably; I had a feeling they were along the same lines as that heart exploding lick, and I thought an enormous dragon would like me to play dumb; it might be a turn on. “Oh?” he said in a way that let me know I was right, before flicking out his tongue again on the other nipple. I moaned audibly. “Your body says otherwise… I’ve needed a good bitch boy for years now. I have never, to use your human phrases ‘swung the right side of the fence’ if you understand.” “So, I’m the first of what you truly needed in centuries sir?” I said putting emphasis on the sir. I could tell he liked it. He growl/purred approvingly. “I believe that you are finally getting the drift bitch boy… You will be mine and used for my pleasure only, do you understand?” “Yes master sir.” I offered, trying the act the part of the fuck toy I had always wanted to play. (The village wasn’t such fans of my sexuality and thus I had never been able to afford such pleasures.) He grinned again, the teeth igniting just the right amount of fear to add to the ultimate excitement. “But even that being so, I am not so cruel a master as to deny you of all pleasures… Besides, you will need to be warmed up for what is to come. Now lay on the ground on your back bitch boy.” He growled the last two words with intense ferocity. “Yes master.” I replied, and complied; laying flat on my back against the cold stone floor of the cave. “What a specimen indeed… You want my tongue again bitch boy?” he growled fluttering it against an earlobe. “Oh yes master…” I half moaned, half whimpered. “Beg for it…” “Oh please master! I’ll do anything!” “Anything? So if I give you your pleasure, you shall let me take mine from you fuck toy?” “Yes master please!” I truly was getting desperate with that coarse flickering against my earlobe. “So be it.” He rumbled in the most sexual way and plunged that tongue deep into my ear flickering it around as if he desperately needed the taste of me. I wriggled slightly as he got his body a little more over me, not wanting to disturb the bliss I was being sent to by upsetting my new master. He quickly pulled out his tongue making me cry out at how rough a treatment it was before he shoved it even deeper into the ear on the other side, eliciting another moan from deep in my throat. “Do you like that bitch! Do you!” he roared, the cave shaking again as my body exploded in what seemed impossible bliss. “Oh yes master! More master more!” I cried out, my hips bumping up and down now slightly; I was that excited. He took two razor sharp claws on his front to legs and carefully started rolling my nipple in between them; careful not to cut open his new fuck toy as he quickly pulled out of my ear and sunk his tongue into my mouth; his muzzle pressed directly against my face as he kissed me; tongue wrapping around mine in a dance of sexual excitement. He then pulled up and I just had barely enough time to breath before he pressed his muzzle so hard against my face I could feel his teeth as he plunge his tongue deep into my throat so that I let out a small gagging sound. “That’s right, gag for me bitch boy!” he rumbled into my mouth, making my throat shake with it as he fluttered around ever deeper; ignoring the gags and whimpers from the very throat he was attacking vigorously. My eyes started to water up and he grinned at how much he liked my helpless figure and finally pulled up and let me gasp for breath. “I want to see my goods fuck toy.” He growled before rolling me onto my stomach with a strong slap of a front paw. I could tell the strike would bruise; and I loved it. He took those front paws and gripped tightly with one on each ass cheek; claws sinking in slightly. I cried in with mingled pleasure and pain as he forced them apart; eyeing my open with a deep hunger. “It’s not ready for huge cock is it bitch boy?” “No master! Please prepare your fuck toy!” “You’ll do the same for me later…” He growled before gripping in even deeper with his claws and lifting me into the air by my ass alone and then forcing me back onto the cold floor in doggy position with my ass straight up and my face pressed against the floor. He removed his claws; I could feel the slight trickles of blood; ten in all running down my ass. He started to lap it up; seeming to groan with how good it tasted as I grinded my ass to his muzzle. “Naughty slut! Shake that whore ass for me!” I complied; shaking it in the most sexual way I could trying to convince my master it was worthy of his attentions. After I felt my arms suddenly pinned to the floor by two giant paws and a muzzle right on the crack of my ass I knew it was worthy; but I still was in for a shock when that tongue plunged deep into my ass. It was so good that I screamed; cumming the very instant he penetrated me moaning and rocking my ass back and forth. When I had finally calmed down the dragon laughed; tongue still in my ass so I could feel the rumble through it and into my trembling body, “Last a little longer this time bitch boy…” He wriggled his tongue then with extreme fury as I writhed helpless underneath him in such ecstasy I almost couldn’t stand it giving him orgasm after orgasm. He then stopped, tongue still in ass, and started to press against the open inside me; trying to press into regions that were supposed to be impossible to explore. “Master! No master no!” I shrieked; I truly felt scared; but he grinned more wildly feeding of the fear. “You know you want it you slut! Now take it filthy whore!” And he forced his tongue past my inner opening. I became incredibly dizzy and started to cum hard as I felt the roughness slide up slightly in an intestine; my dick leaking out precum more than it had the whole time he had played with me. His tongue never seemed to end; he kept forcing and forcing as I yelped and squealed for him to stop, that it was to much; but he wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied and tasted his fill of my insides. He finally withdrew his tongue as slowly as he could through the entirety of my intestines; stopping every time I plunged into another orgasm. After he finally got the very last rough elation inducing forked tip out of my throbbing rectum, he licked his chops and growled right next to my ear, “Did I pleasure my fuck toy?”“Y… yes…” I managed while gasping desperately.“Is that ass ready for the biggest cock in existence?”“I’ll do m… my best master.”“You’ll be taking it no matter what whore!” He roared getting himself on top of me; I could already feel his dick getting hard against my crack; unsheathing its glory.“Oh fuck me master please!” I begged wanting, no NEEDING it.“It’s nice to have an eager slut to take this monster little bitch boy. Can you even take the tip?”He started to force against my opening as I moaned, groaned and grunted in helpless desperation; he only barely managed to fit his tip in. I realize I still had many inches to go before he could fully use me and that he wouldn’t stop until he could.He kept forcing in inch after inch ignoring my cries and pleas for him to stop; he knew how much it hurt me, but also how much I needed it and he thrived off that. With a hard thrust he broke past my inner opening again; finally overcoming my pain and plunging me into the brutal orgasm of my life. He took advantage and slide the final inched in; probably fifteen in all with a width of four inches around.Thought it was impossible that my body was able to house such a monstrosity.The Dragon licked his rough tongue all the way up my spine; the tingles making me shudder around his cock and grunt and cry as I did so; my body not able to move with excruciating pain and joy. The Dragon grinned at my vulnerability and licked again and again forcing me to orgasm all over his huge slab of meat.“Now bitch boy, take this fucking cock!” He pulled out giving my body all the relief it had been begging for before he slammed back in; my body going into shock and his huge heavy balls smacked against mine hard enough to sting in the best way as I was again skewered my the monstrosity. He then bit down on my shoulder to hold me in place; giving my marks on half of my chest and back; the pain arousing me further. My throat was completely hoarse from screaming and my body hurt so badly it could take more, but couldn’t resist taking more either. He kept on pounding into me mercilessly destroying my insides in the best of ways; the orgasms to many to count; balls leaving scale marks on my ass. He rolled over onto his back, holding me on his cock and getting my feet rested on his gray scales ordered me to ride his monster dick in that gruff rumble. I pressed down; doing my best to try and make the motions up and down screaming my throat into even worse condition the entire time as my body struggled to stay moving; I was sure I had gone into shock. The Dragon just smiled up at me watching me do the work and taking all the pleasure; groaning at the extreme tightness of his puny human fuck toy. He saw my dick covered in the juices it had been leaking and that had been forced out by the intense pressure on my prostate and laughed, “What a sexy piece of candy” before lapping it all up; my dick rock solid as it had been from the start unable to resist exploding all over my body. He lapped up the rest of the cum and seemed to have been set of by my cumming because he started to pump into me as I rode him making me take his cock too deep for any body to take but still entering. He spun me so I faced him and forced down in missionary,午夜av pinning my arms down so he could keep pounding into me; my eyes rolling into the back of my head; it seemed my brain could take so much pleasure, but it loved being forced to. Then smoke started drifting out of the Dragon nostrils and he started to groan and roar so hard the entire cave shook hard enough for rocks to fall down from the walls and knew it was about to happen; the Dragon’s climax but I didn’t know how intense it was to be. His dick widened another inch as those perfect luscious balls pumped the semen through his outrageously colossal dick before it flooded my body; I could feel it forced through my intestines and into my stomach, filling me up to the point it would burst from my throat before the Dragon pulled out and gushed the rest all over my body; marking me as his with his glistening coat, and even rolling me over to be sure he got it all over my back as well; sighing in his relief from years up built up pressure. We both panted desperately, me unable to move at all in my dizzy state, but I was improving; it seemed the semen pumped into me got my body running again. “You’ll be able to get around soon.” The Dragon gasped. “Interesting magical property of my seed; it helps you recover so you can do it again…” I looked up with almost horrified eyes; do that all again? Now? In the same day?!? He let out a rumbling laugh. “Don’t worry,” he said, “my little bitch boy. It’s your turn to finally let your slab of meat have its proper fun…” I gaped at him; I knew what he was implying but I couldn’t believe it, even as he turned his body around and lifted his tail for me. I walked towards him; my stomach almost no longer expanded (it was strange how much I missed having my body so full of cum I couldn’t move). “Now fair IS fair bitch boy; you have to taste my ass before you get in…” I got close enough to finally see his opening; it was actually rather small for such a large creature; I wasn’t the hugest man on earth, but this was small enough I knew I could make it feel amazing. I forced my face up against his opening; flickering my tongue over it as I placed my hands on his haunches and pushed up. His tail flicked around in the air and I could see the smoke escaping his nostrils again as he watched me; growling out things like, “Yeah, lick that ass.” “You like that don’t you dirty slut?” “Fucking whore lick my ass!” I finally forced my tongue deep inside and felt that velvety softness, tasted the glorious taste of a Dragon. I tongue fucked him the best I could, lack of experience made up for with enthusiasm. His head arched up as he released a streak of flame; his tail slapping against my ass leaving scale marks as he came all over my tongue. “More bitch boy more!” He roared in the closest thing a Dragon can come to of a desperate whimper. I kept eating out my master as he slapped my ass with that huge tail whenever I wasn’t going good enough for him; I enjoyed it so much I started to slow down from time to time just to feel the slap and I think he knew how much I loved it too and smacked my ass all the harder. I eventually started to notice his back legs move uneasily, and slowly he began to backpedal exactly like a cat in heat would. Knowing how dangerous those huge legs would be, and realizing what I needed to do next, I finally stood up, grabbed a groove in his haunches, and forced my throbbing cock into that tight little hole. A full on roar with flames ensued as he pushed his scaled ass onto my cock burying me as deep as possible. I pounded into him as hard as I could, my tiny balls aching from all of the abuse they took earlier slapping against his enormous ones. I felt his ass spasm around my cock and could hear the sounds of him cumming and couldn’t hold myself back; I blew my load deep into his tight ass. After I finally managed to stop panting and could slide out my over sensitive dick, I proved what a slut I was to my master by massaging those soft scaly balls ass I drank my cum right out of his ass, hearing his groan all the way. I could see that his dick was again hard and throbbing and how he looked back at me desperate and needing more, so I got around under him, my face right under his balls, and started to rub on his cock as I buried my face into those enough delicious balls; sucking on one then the other, doing my best to get them into my mouth. The Dragon was releasing more smoke from his mouth, and I felt his dick start to throb harder, so I swung around and did the best I could to fit his meat into my mouth, only getting a few inches but licking and sucking as hard as I could, playing with his tip that seemed to be barbed like a cats. I took my feet and rubbed on his balls with them; a fact that seemed to be very kinky for the dragon as he growled his approval. I could just tell when it was time; the Dragon roared louder and louder as I brought him to the verge of his second climax, I pressed my tongue into his urethra, and flickered it around which finally set him off. He blasted my throat full of delicious cum (it has the smoky taste of a barbeque) that forced it’s way deep into my stomach, and I held his oversensitive cock tightly so he couldn’t pull away this time, and felt the cum slither down my intestines and explode out of my ass, giving me the anal orgasm of a lifetime as I slurped up the cum the fell from my mouth, not wanting to loose a single precious drop, even though I was gagging, and waddling with the cum sloshing in my belly the entire time. I kept then kept licking at his twitching cock as my belly started to un-swell as it got smaller and smaller until it finally rested in its sheath, which I licked all over and inside as well; my master groaning and loving this grooming he was receiving as a cool down. I finally was done; my body absorbing all of the cum into its system; the Dragon laid on its side watching me before beckoning me towards him.I stumbled forward; I was exhausted by this point, and he curled me up in his paws, pulling my so my neck was level with hismuzzle and could feel his warm breath against my neck and body that sent a new round of tingles through me. “We will play again tomorrow… What is your name anyways?” He asked, sounding… Embarrassed!“Elric.” I murmured, ready to fall asleep.“Elric… the Dragon hummed, deciding he likes the name. What a perfect human… He thought. I can’t wait to show him to the others… Then the Dragon fell asleep, cuddling his new human friend until the morning.