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haranguing her in Korean久久夜色精品国产噜噜亚洲av

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haranguing her in Korean久久夜色精品国产噜噜亚洲av

Author's note, part 2:I have noticed, and some other authors have commented on, the gang of trolls that seems to obsessively downvote new stories en masse for some reason.I guess this is the literary equivalent of vandalism.It's always easier to tear down than create.On behalf of those of us who are sincerely trying to create entertaining stories for the readers, please stop!I'm not sure what you're getting out of it, unless your own stories aren't getting good ratings.Maybe spend the extra time improving your writing instead?If anyone sincerely doesn't like what you're reading, by all means downvote it.Perhaps include a comment why; feedback is helpful and anonymous downvotes don't really help improve quality.On the other hand, if you like a story, take the extra two seconds to vote for it.The good ratings help stories get a broader exposure, so more readers can enjoy them.And maybe we can overcome the trolls!Chapter 33I was worn out after my session with Emily and Nina, and fell asleep soon after.I’m not sure what, if anything, happened later that night.I was dead to the world and woke up hours later in the morning, sore and sticky, but one very happy camper.I snickered to see my piss shoot in several directions as I took a morning leak, the end of my urethra glued together with dried cum.The force of my stream finally opened it up, and I sighed gratefully as my bladder emptied.I was a little startled when Samantha squatted next to me in the bushes, draining her own bladder unselfconsciously.I watched out of the corner of my eye as her dark lips were bisected by the spraying golden stream, an altogether entrancing sight.“Morning, sugar,” she said with a yawn, jiggling her ass to shake loose the last drops.“Did you sleep well?”She stood, stretching mightily on her tiptoes, tightening every last muscle in that sculpted ebony body of hers.“Oh, yeah,” I said, shaking my dripping dick off.“I was worn out.As usual, you girls take a lot out of a guy.I’m not complaining, though.As exercise programs go it was pretty fucking awesome.”She gave me a kiss on the cheek.“I think you can consider yourself an honorary member of the team, now.You’re welcome back any time.”She padded off.“I need some food.It sucks we don’t have coffee on this island.”She was right, I mused.I wonder if we might find some coffee plants if we looked hard enough?It did grow all around the Indian Ocean.I made a mental note to discuss it with Janie.I poked around the food stores, picking out some fruit and leftover salad for breakfast.Girls were stirring around the clearing, and I spied John and Logan untangling themselves from a pile of field hockey players.The two headed my direction, looking a little like a couple of mice in a roomful of cats.Very attractive cats.“Good morning, boys,” I said.“Sleep well?”“Not really,” said John.“Different girls kept waking us up to make us fuck them.”“I’m so sore!” complained Logan.“Yeah, it’s a tough life,” I laughed.I noticed they were already hard just from waking up amongst all the naked female flesh.I gestured at John’s protruding cock.“Part of you doesn’t seem to mind.”He looked down and blushed, still not used to walking around naked in front of others.“I’m not complaining.”He grinned.“I’d do it all over again if I could.”“I just can’t believe I’m not a virgin any more,” marveled Logan.“And to turn in your V-card in such a spectacular fashion,” I said.“God, look at them!” he muttered, eyeing Danielle and Mary, who were still sound asleep near the fire pit.Mary was on her belly, an arm thrown over Danielle protectively, ass bare.Blonde curls were visible framing the pink lips between her legs.Danielle was on her side, her breasts turned toward us, and her thick brown pubes on display for the boys to ogle.“To think, I got excited last month to see Marcy Taylor’s boob when I got a peek down her shirt.”He spun around slowly, his erection rotating around the clearing like a missile launcher tracking bogies.“Now there’s naked girls everywhere.I can see right up into their pussies!”The kid was in heaven.“And they let me touch them.”He was shaking he was so fired up.“Someone’s up this morning I see,” Janie said from behind us, making the boys jump.She looked impishly at the stiff penises pointing at her, impulsively grasping each of them in a hand.The two teens nearly leapt into the air at her touch.“G-good morning,” stuttered John, staring at the delicate hand encircling his throbbing young shaft.“Are you gonna let us fuck you again this morning?” he asked, a hopeful note in his voice.She smiled at him kindly.“No, I want to get back to camp to see Jared.I’m sure you can find some young thing to take care of your problem.” She gave a gentle pull on each pud, then let go.“Dave, are you ready to head back?Or do you have more fun planned this morning?”“No, my balls are empty.I need some down time.I’ll go back with you.”I turned to the boys.“Have fun; we’ll see you later.Remember: keep this place private.You need to respect the girls’ privacy if you ever want to get laid again on this island.”“We know,” said Logan.“I can keep a secret.Besides, I don’t want Chris and the other guys to get to come here.I want to keep it for ourselves as long as I can.”“Good luck with that,” I chuckled.“I have a feeling that these girls are going to cut quite a swathe through the male population of the island.”“Probably half the female population, too,” Janie observed as we turned toward the path leading home.After dressing, we took a casual pace strolling back to the beach, holding hands and maintaining a companionable silence.After ten minutes or so we had reached the main camp.Janie caught up to Jared at Boys’ Town, and he soon had her embroiled in some fast-paced card game with a couple of the younger boys.The game seemed to consist of a lot of slapping cards and yelling, and proceeded at a frenetic speed.I saw a couple of folks swimming in our newly shark-proofed lagoon, and Rodney, Sharon and Jill were out on the raft fishing again.I sat with Joelle for a spell in the medical hut, talking and checking out her new sutures.She had done as I had suggested, peeling some tendon fibers off of one of the pig carcasses and stringing one on a needle.She had managed to save a little of the alcohol before I had absconded with the rest久久夜色精品国产噜噜亚洲av, and had the sutures soaking in it in a plastic bag.“Those look perfect久久夜色精品国产噜噜亚洲av,” I told her.“Now, let’s hope we don’t ever have to use them.”Thinking of sutures made me want to locate River, and I got Joelle to join me in a hunt for him.We located him under a palm tree near the edge of the jungle, and he let us inspect our handiwork.“It looks good,” Joelle said.“Does it hurt much?”“Naw,” he answered.“Mostly it feels really tight.It’s sore, but not bad.”“Well, I don’t see any signs of infection.Do you, Dave?”“No, it looks better than I expected.You must be a good healer.”“I think you’re just a great doctor,” he complimented me.“Thanks for fixing me up.”“No problem.It’s my contribution to our society here.We’ll plan on taking those out in seven days or so.Don’t soak that leg in the water until then.Just rinses only.”He grimaced unhappily, liking the water as much as he did.“All right.I don’t want to mess up your fine work.”Summer approached us with a frown on her face.“Dave, I’ve got some bad news.”“What is it?” Joelle asked in concern.“The sow died.”Joelle gasped a quiet, “Oh, no!”“That’s too bad,” I agreed.“Are the piglets going to make it?”“I’m not worried about most of them, I started feeding them some slops and leftovers and they did all right.”She frowned.“But the runt will only nurse.”“Poor Wilbur!” Joelle commiserated, kind soul that she was.“What can we do?” I asked.A bemused smile quirked her lips.“Well, I did have a crazy idea.”“What?”“Do you remember a Tori Amos album from years ago that was sort of controversial?”“Not my kind of music.What does it have to do with Wilbur?”“There was a picture of her breast-feeding a piglet.”Joelle placed her hand on her mouth in shock, realizing where this was going.“I know that Gabrielle is a wet nurse.Do you think…?”She trailed off, afraid to say it.“Would she nurse Wilbur like she nursed Dkembe?I don’t know.”“That’s pretty weird,” Joelle said.“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask.”We found the French girl at her small campsite, reading a book.After explaining our dilemma, she surprised us by agreeing without hesitation.“When I chose this profession, I researched it very thoroughly,” she said.“In des jours anciens—the old days—it was common for les nourrices to suckle young animals as well as humans.It is all about sustaining life.I will be pleased to help this pauvre porcelet.”We trooped over to the pigpen, sending the larger piglets into a frenzy as we invaded their space.They tore around squealing, still not used to humans.Wilbur seemed subdued, probably a little dehydrated, as he rooted uselessly at his dead mother’s side.Gabrielle gently picked him up, and sitting with her back to a tree, bared her breast.We all held our breath as she placed the little creature’s snout to her nipple, brushing his lip with it.Without hesitation he latched on, and a contented sigh escaped the girl’s lips as he started to nurse.“Bon,” she declared.“All will be well.”We watched the spectacle, dumbfounded for a moment, then dispersed to get some help to dispose of the poor dead sow’s body.“That’s kinda messed up,” said Summer, shaking her head.“Hey, it was your idea,” I said.“I know, but seeing it in real life….”She trailed off.“You know, I always wondered if that picture was photoshopped or something.I guess not.”Joelle was still speechless.“I can’t even….”“Hey,” I said.“It’s just one step beyond Dr. Doolittle.Whatever works.”By the time we had organized a group to haul the sow’s body away for butchering, Gabrielle was finished and Wilbur was running around the pen with his siblings happily.We cornered the young pigs against the side of their pen while the older boys hauled their unfortunate mother away.Carrying the body to the reef, they left the current cooking crew to the task of cutting it into bait.Horace had the idea that a large chunk of meat could be strung on a steel cable from the plane, with a bent piece of sharpened steel at the end for a hook.“If we hang that off the far side of the reef we might catch something really big.”Christopher volunteered to help with the grunt work, and suggested they make several rigs to increase the chances of success.The two made their way to the raft, which the flight crew had just beached.“Remember to wash the knives, and your hands, with soap so we don’t risk transmitting some illness,” I told our newest cooking crew, the cheerleaders.“We got it; don’t worry,” Anne said, directing the carnage.I sat with Joelle some more, and gave her a slightly edited version or the party from the previous night.Even with the action toned down, her eyes were nearly bugging out as I described the goings-on.“Oh.My.God,” she finally breathed.“I can’t imagine doing all that.And in front of people!I don’t think I’ll ever be that uninhibited.”I laughed at her consternation.“Maybe not, but did you ever think you might take a huge black penis into you while friends watched?”She blushed at the memory.“Your inhibitions tend to fall when you get horny.”“I guess.”She looked wistful and worried all at once.“Maybe you could get me invited some time?At least I could watch.”I kissed her cheek.“That I can do.I think you may find you’ll be up for more than just watching when the time comes.”I stood.“And speaking of doing more than watching, how’s about joining us in an exercise class?I was going to see if Janie wanted to help organize a practice.“I don’t know,” she dithered.“I’m not very coordinated.”“The stuff we’ll show you isn’t very difficult.Come on!”I pulled on her arm, trying to convince her to get up.“Oh, all right,” she acquiesced, rising to her feet.“I could stand to lose some weight, anyway.It’ll be good for me.”“You are perfect as is,” I told her.“Don’t get all bony on me.I like you soft and feminine.”She took my arm with a smile.“That’s sweet, but I just need to take off that extra five pounds.”“Is there a woman alive who doesn’t say that like a mantra?” I asked, exasperated.She chuckled, but didn’t disagree.The card game was winding down, and as soon as it finished we changed and lined up on the beach.Mi Cha, Falani, and Joelle were our guest students for the day, and again I assigned Christopher the task of giving them instruction in the basics while I took the older kids and Janie worked out with the younger ones.As we held our class, at the other end of the beach the cheerleaders, minus Emma and Megan (who hadn’t returned yet) held their own practice.They had finished the unpleasant task of dissecting the pig and must have been anxious to get some good, clean exercise in.Rain again joined them, and apparently had convinced Dakota to try it as well.I was a little irked that I didn’t get to watch, but I figured there would be plenty of other opportunities.When we were done, Janie convinced everyone to hop into the big pool, uniforms and all, so we could rinse off and do laundry at the same time.After a brisk cool down swim, the adults all jumped out to go hang up their wet clothes, leaving the kids still horsing around in the water.I was amused when Joelle steadfastly refused to change in front of me, preferring the privacy of her hut with its hanging towel as a changing room.Janie opted for a nap, and I decided to head on across the island to the nude beach for some sunbathing and relaxation in the quiet.I stashed my clothes in the cubby, noting with surprise there was quite a pile of clothing already there.Spying a lacy pink scrap in the pile, I surreptitiously glanced around, then slipped it out.A pair of frilly triangles connected by thin straps hung in my hand, and I realized it was some young thing’s panties.I got a little jolt of adrenaline imagining whose they might be, and couldn’t resist pressing them to my face for a long inhalation.The musky scent of pussy filled my nostrils, instantly bringing my dick to full engorgement.God, there is nothing in the world like that sweet, sultry smell!I shook myself, carefully returning the scrap of fabric to its place, and took a few deep breaths, forcing myself to calm down.I didn’t want to walk out on the beach looking like a fool, so I took my time stepping onto the sand, waiting until my dick was flaccid again.Or at least mostly so.I didn’t mind looking a little bigger than usual—everyone was entitled to a little vanity.There was almost a crowd on the nude beach, and I took a moment to look around at the activity and see who was there.As before, Anjali was off to the side meditating, but this time Dakota had joined her.Morgan, Madison and a little Asian boy, presumably Soo-Jin’s, were at the water’s edge, unselfconsciously nude and happily building a sand castle.I guess Madison had had her daily fill of ogling penises, since she seemed wholly absorbed in their play.Stu and Rain were playing catch with Christopher and Alexander.It was a little amusing to see Alexander’s dark brown skin moving in and out of the trio of pale, blonde bodies as they ran, tossing the ball to and fro.Near the water’s edge just to my right I spied three women lying together in the sand.As I moved across the beach I drew closer to them, and was startled to see Mi Cha, Chin Sun, and Soo-Jin lined up as if on display.The trio of Asian women looked like variations on a theme, the only differences in them being the degree of pallor of their skins, the amount of pubic hair on their mounds, and the minute differences in their breast sizes.Man, what a sight! I stopped in my tracks for a moment, involuntarily captivated by the gorgeous bodies in front of me.My dick started growing again, and it was just my bad luck Soo-Jin had to look up at that moment.She gave a startled squeak, covering her breasts and bush reflexively.Her surprise roused the other two, who looked up at me and my half-erect boner.They looked at each other and giggled, and a stream of Korean erupted from Mi Cha as she gesticulated to me and then to the other women. I covered myself shamefacedly, embarrassed to be caught out ogling them.“I’m sorry.I didn’t mean to stare,” I told them.“I just wasn’t expecting to see such a beautiful sight.”Mi Cha flashed me a grin.“Don’t worry, Dave.I told her you’re harmless and you’re not going to attack us.”She paused for a moment.“Although on second thought, maybe we wouldn’t mind.”She appraised me with twinkling eyes as Chin Sun erupted in laughter.The younger woman poked Soo-Jin in the shoulder, haranguing her in Korean, and object of her ire reluctantly put her arms back at her sides, turning her face away from me pointedly.“She’s still not used to this,” Mi Cha laughed.“We had to drag her over here.”“I didn’t mean to alarm her,” I said, finally able to uncover my prick again, having managed to relax myself sufficiently.I steadfastly refused to acknowledge the two women staring at my meat hungrily.“How are you ladies doing?”“OK,” said Chin Sun, apparently exhausting her supply of English.The third girl, turned back to me momentarily, eyeing my groin before flicking her eyes to my face and realizing she’d been busted.I gave her a small wave and she blushed, turning away again.Chin Sun spoke to her again, and Mi Cha translated for me,“She says Soo-Jin should look while she can.She hasn’t had a man for almost a year.”She gave me a devilish grin.“Maybe you can take her to the hot springs some time?”Now it was my turn to blush as I remembered our recent afternoon there.“I…uh…I guess I’d like to get to know her a little first.”“Relax, I’m just teasing you.”She looked back at the younger girl fondly.“We’ll have to work on her a little to get her to loosen up.Maybe you could help teach her English?That would break the ice.”“Sure,” I said.“We’re going to start having classes for the kids soon, we can include her in the mix and she can learn by immersion.”I glanced at her again.“I don’t want to make her uncomfortable; I’ll keep moving.I just wanted to say hi.And to say you ladies are looking fine.”Mi Cha preened for me.“But of course.I never go out in public any other way.Ciao!”Chin Sun gave me a bashful smile and a wave as I walked off.I headed to the southern end of the beach, and as I approached the ‘adult section,’ heard raised voices.Sensing conflict,午夜av I poked my head around the corner.Adam and Jessica were sitting on a log someone had dragged into the sandy circle, having a heated discussion.They were both nude, and I spent a moment happily inspecting the lovely lifeguard, finally getting to see her out of her bathing suit.She was a striking brunette, with long hair and round chipmunk cheeks.Her pert, turned-up nose sat over her cupid’s-bow lips, and she had a slightly pointed chin.The overall effect was surprisingly attractive; a real girl-next-door vibe that promised hidden passion held in check.Of course this girl next door was stark naked, and I could see by the stiff pink nipples on the tips of her firm B-cup breasts that her passions weren’t that in check after all.She was gesticulating as she spoke to Adam, and he looked distinctly unhappy.He was incredibly muscular and fit, but not in a bulky way.I guess hoisting the girls up into the air and tossing them around in between handsprings and flips kept a guy in shape.His short, sandy brown hair was a little tousled, and he shook his head at something the girl was saying.Jessica suddenly looked up, perhaps sensing some movement of mine, and saw me.Instead of being upset, she jumped up and ran toward me smiling.“Great!Here’s Dave.He’s a doctor—he’ll tell you it’s OK.”“What’s OK?” I asked in confusion.“Adam’s never been with a girl before; he’s into guys.”“Jess!” the young man complained.“Spill all my secrets, why don’t you.”“There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” I said cautiously, not knowing what was going on.“No, not that,” she said, waving her hand dismissively.“I want him to try a girl, and he’s afraid.He thinks it will change him.”She put her hands on her hips, tightening those tight teen tits nicely.“I told him he should do it at least once in his life so he knows what he’s missing.”“I…uh.”This was a little outside my realm of expertise.“I like Jess and all, but I’m just not into girls that way,” the boy said with a frown.“If I’m gay, I don’t think I should do it with her.I mean, I don’t want to confuse my body.”He looked pained.“Maybe it will trigger something and make me flip out.”“I don’t think that’s the way it works, Adam,” I said with a small smile.“I would agree you shouldn’t do anything you don’t want to, but if you’re curious it’s not going to hurt you.”I thought back to my introduction to the field hockey team.“I know a group of mostly gay girls, sort of in a club, and to join the girls have to have sex with a guy just so they know what it’s like.Some of them stick to girls, other ones discover they’re bisexual and get to double their fun.I guess it’s all about making an informed choice.”Looking at the predatory way the girl was eyeing him, and remembering the overheard conversation between Emma and Megan that Alyssa and I had been privy to, I suspected the young woman had designs on converting him, if only to prove her own feminine power.I knew biologic urges weren’t quite that changeable.The point about making an informed choice was valid, though.“See,” Jessica said triumphantly.“He said it wouldn’t hurt you and you should do it with me.”That wasn’t exactly what I had said, but Adam seemed to be wavering.“I’m not even sure I can get it up,” he said.“I mean, like, you have a great body, but it just doesn’t turn me on.”“Oh, I’ll get it up,” she said, dropping to her knees in front of him.“I’ve never met a boy I can’t get hard.”She surprised the boy by slurping his flaccid penis into her mouth and began sucking on him.Adam’s mouth opened in a perfect “O,” but he didn’t pull away.I could see Jessica’s cheeks pull inward as she applied forceful suction to his member.One hand crept around to stroke his muscular ass, while the other began fondling the boy’s shaved scrotum.Her squatting position had splayed open her ass for me, and I could see thick, protruding, pink labia nestled in a dense patch of brown hair peeking at me as her torso rhythmically swayed back and forth.After a moment or two of this, I was getting hard myself, and my dick rose to the occasion happily, jutting out in front of me saucily as I watched the young man get his first female blow-job.I could feel his eyes on me as he enjoyed her ministrations, and soon enough, Jessica popped him out of her mouth to demonstrate success.“See, I told you,” she said happily.Adam’s cock was now rigid, poking up in the air at a jaunty angle, 7 inches long and glistening with saliva.He had shaved himself bare, and his nuts hung down heavily in his hairless scrotum, now puckering up as the air evaporated the trickles of Jess’s spit dripping over it.Personally, I wasn’t sure it her oral action as much as his fixation on my junk that had him hard, but I wasn’t going to burst her bubble.Plus, I didn’t mind one bit the prospect of watching a young, hot couple get it on in front of me.The young woman dropped onto her back on the towel she had brought, spreading her legs invitingly.I wondered if it was her panties I had been sniffing earlier, and envied the young man his upcoming initiation into the world of pussy.“Go ahead, stick it in me.”He knelt hesitantly between her legs, looking at her gaping snatch like it was a foreign and possibly hostile country.He reflexively stroked his hard-on for a moment, and Jessica sensed his ambivalence.“Oh, for God’s sake!It’s not going to bite you.Just give it a try.”Throwing caution to the wind, Adam finally acquiesced, plunging his impressive meat into the girl, making her squeal with delight.“Oh, wow!” he breathed, as I stepped closer to better observe the action.“It’s so soft and wet.It’s not like the sex I’m used to.”“Well, yeah, it’s not ass,” said Jessica contemptuously.“Pussy must be so much better.”Hear, hear! I thought in heartfelt agreement.“Is it making you feel anything?”She was grinding onto his prick for all she was worth, vamping it up, trying to convert the gay boy into playing for her team.“I mean, it feels nice,” he said.“Better than a blow job.But it’s not turning me on or anything.”He thrust in her a few more times, then his attention latched onto my boner, which I was stroking as I watched.“I don’t mind, though.I can do it a little longer.”He seemed to get a little more energy, licking his lips as he plowed into her, all the while eyeing my dong like a hungry dog views a piece of bacon.It was a little disconcerting, but the smell of Jessica’s juiced up cunt, and her cries of ecstasy as he thrust into her, had me pretty horny, and I wasn’t about to upset the applecart.Adam soon found his rhythm, and closed his eyes as he plunged in and out of Jessica’s juicy twat.He bit his lip in concentration, and I wondered if he was imagining fucking some guy’s ass, possibly even mine.It seemed a shame to be balls-deep in such a sweet young cunny and be thinking about another man’s asshole, but hey, different strokes and all that.I stepped a little closer so I could get a better view of his admittedly impressive wang churning her pink pudding bowl into a creamy froth.She was moaning continuously now, and wrapped her legs around her partner forcefully, pulling him into her harder and harder.“Do you like it, Adam?” she crooned breathlessly.“Do you like being in my hot pussy?I’m so wet for you.”She grunted as he thrust particularly hard into her.“Oh, yeah!Drive that big cock into me, baby.Fuck me good!”I wasn’t sure how this was affecting Adam, but I was incredibly turned on, and was wanking my cock frantically as the sights, sounds, and smells of this teenage fuckfest worked their magic on me.My question was answered a moment later when Adam slowed his thrusting, opening his eyes and looking down at his partner sheepishly.“Don’t stop now!” she cried.“I need to finish!”“I’m sorry,” he said.“I’m just not getting much out of this.”“Well at least help me get off, even if you’re not going to,” she said, miffed.“Here, get off me.I know a better position that always makes me come.Maybe you’ll like it better.”Adam climbed off her and stood, his half-erect penis glistening with her honey.Jessica stood as well, and motioned to the log.“Sit on that and I’ll get you hard again.You can look at Dave’s meat if you need to; it’s pretty nice.”She flashed me a quick smile as she knelt in front of him again, licking her own juices off his prick as she attacked him orally again.Soon the focused stimulation, and maybe my continued masturbation in front of him, had the reluctant boy hard again, and Jessica turned around to sit on his lap.“Hold your dick up straight!” she ordered him.“I can’t see it.Get it back in my pussy.”She eased her fine ass down onto him, her dripping snatch enveloping him again, making her groan with pleasure.She placed her hands onto his thighs and began flexing her legs rhythmically, bouncing up and down on his manhood happily, her lower lip caught in her teeth and her firm tits jiggling wildly.I couldn’t resist moving in for a closer look, kneeling in between her and Adam’s spread legs, my face now inches from her creamy gash.I was hypnotized by the sight of his thick rod plunging in and out of the young woman, and my tongue reflexively crept out of my mouth as I jerked off.Jessica must have seen it and gotten ideas, because she ground out, “Don’t just sit there, Dave!Help me out!”Yes, ma’am! I thought happily, leaning in to plant my lips on her bobbing vulva.She slowed her motion, letting Adam take over as he thrust upward into her drooling slit.This allowed me the opportunity to slide my tongue along her slick, engorged labia, savoring the taste of her whipped cream as the pistoning penis churned it out of her.I slurped one of her flapping labes into my mouth, chewing the tissue gently and making her howl with pleasure.Nibbling my way up the pink ribbon I reached her hood, and used my free hand to retract it, exposing her fat bud of a clit.I tickled it with the tip of my tongue, feeling the firm node slip from side to side as I massaged it.After pushing her to the edge, I worked my way back down the other side, then drove my tongue deep into her crack, where Adam’s cock was nestled.The taste of her pussy was sublime, and I was fairly certain I recognized it from the panties in the cubby.Craving more of her heavenly honey, I began lapping up and down her crack, even licking it off Adam’s meat each time it pulled back out of her pink embrace.Evidently the boy liked the additional attention, for he was now thoroughly into the moment, huffing and blowing as he bounced his ass on the log below him, driving into the girl with a loud smacking noise.His balls danced madly in front of me, and even though I am decidedly hetero, it was a pretty erotic sight:this engorged, pink pillar of manhood plunging in and out of the young feminine flower above it.I redoubled my licking, indiscriminately letting my tongue caress both sets of genitalia in front of me in a frenzy of lust, the smell and taste of Jessica’s aroused pussy fogging my brain with sexual desire.The young woman finally reached climax, bucking and squealing like one of Wilbur’s litter-mates as she rode her orgasm out on Adam’s lucky peter.More clear fluid oozed out of her as she came, and I eagerly lapped it up, moving back to her clit with my tongue, trying to send her into orbit by prolonging her moment as long as I could.At the same time, my own moment of no return was on me, and I frantically jerked my aching meat as I felt the semen rising out of my tightening balls.One more inhalation of the overpowering scent of Jessica’s horny pussy and I was there, spurting my own cream onto the ground beneath me.Jessica eventually went limp in Adam’s arms, but the experience of having a girl orgasm on his cock must have done something for him, because he continued his thrusting, now more frenetic than ever, and shouted, ”I’m gonna come!”This seemed to galvanize the girl, for her eyes flew open and she hollered, “Not in me, dammit!I don’t wanna get pregnant!”She lurched upward a couple of inches, straightening those muscular legs of hers, and popped his cock right out of her.He was still thrusting upward though, and as his meat sprang free of her pussy it plunged into my open mouth, which had still been slurping Jessica’s thick, white cream off of her labia.A gout of cum, salty and hot, shot into my mouth as Adam came.I was stunned, not expecting this development at all, and sat there frozen for a moment in shock as he sent another couple of ropes of spunk into my mouth.I finally regained enough of my wits to pull away, letting his straining penis pump its remaining jizz into the air.Holy shit!What just happened? I thought, letting the gooey glob of semen drip out of my mouth onto the blanket.Through it all, my hand continued unconsciously moving on my softing peter, milking my own seed onto the blanket to mingle with Adam’s.Whoa! my mind gibbered.A guy just came in my mouth!The unfamiliar taste of someone else’s semen, different than my own in some subtle, indefinable way, lingered on my tongue as I stoked my softening penis a few more times, emptying it out reflexively, not even realizing what I was doing.“Oh God!I’m sorry,” Jessica said, then laughed, her hand held over her mouth as she stood crouched over Adam’s lap, her gaping cunt still dripping onto him.“I didn’t mean for him to do that.Are you OK?”“Yeah,” I said, dazed.“It’s all right.It’s just semen.It’s not going to hurt me.I just wasn’t expecting it.”Adam looked sheepish but unrepentant.“I didn’t do it on purpose.She stood up just when I started coming.I couldn’t stop.”“Not your fault, dude.Don’t worry.”I chuckled myself, shaking my head.“Chalk up another new experience for me.”“Have you ever tasted spunk before?” Jessica asked curiously.“I don’t like it much.”“I’ve tasted my own, never someone else’s.”“I didn’t mind,” Adam said softly.“Of course you didn’t,” Jessica said with a snort.“That’s your thing.But I don’t think Dave swings that way.Do you?”She turned her attention back to me.“Uh, no.Not really.”I turned to Adam hastily.“Not that you aren’t a handsome young man; I’m just not into guys.”I gave him a sickly little grin, trying to salvage some dignity.“But I know Rodney is.You might want to talk to him, he’s a nice guy.”Adam frowned.“I guess.He’s a little old for me, but he’s pretty good looking.”He considered the matter further.“And he’s in pretty good shape, too.”“And he makes a mean moonshine,” I added, making both of them laugh.“Yeah, maybe I’ll see if he’s interested.It’s not like I have much choice,” he said morosely.“You could always try girls,” Jessica said.“Didn’t you like it?I thought it was pretty good.”“It felt good,” Adam agreed, “but girls just don’t do it for me.I’m sorry.”He looked at her intently.“Were you expecting to convert me?” he said with a quirk of his lips.“Well, I d-dunno,” Jessica stammered.“I figured if you, like, got some of the real thing maybe you wouldn’t want a substitute any more.”“Like I said,” Adam said carefully.“You’ve got a nice body and all, it just doesn’t turn me on.Sorry, but I’ll stick with guys.”Oh, snap! I thought.There were limits to pussy power after all!To be continued....