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you are absolutely久久亚洲精品无码观看不

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you are absolutely久久亚洲精品无码观看不

On Sunday morning I was sitting at my picnic table in a T-shirt and loose fitting shorts having coffee and reading the paper. Glancing at the paper would probably be more accurate, as my thoughts were more on my previous days tryst with Shelly than on the news articles; my emotions were running the gamut from guilt to a twinge of hope for additional sexual contact.I couldn’t figure out what could have possibly prompted her to come on to me and suck my dick, I certainly hadn’t initiated it. I was certain it must have something to do with Mike, but what could it be. They seemed to be happy together; after all, purchasing a new home is not something that couples do if they are having marital problems. I wished I knew what Shelly had meant by that “but Mike…” statement. Well, she told me she would explain things Monday morning so I guessed I would just have to wait.I was tossing these thought around, wondering if I would have a chance to further experience Shelly’s body or if it had been a one-time slip on her part, when she suddenly appeared from around the corner. It was an unexpected visit and though it was nice to see her, she had caught me totally off guard; “Good morning Tom,” she chirped. She was carrying my tray, pitcher and glasses I had forgotten on Saturday. “I thought I’d return these to you, I’ve already got a big enough mess to straighten out without you adding to it.” She was wearing a typical maternity style top held up by shoulder straps that left the tops of her breasts exposed and a skirt that fell about mid thigh. The top draped loosely over her swollen breasts and belly and hung to just over her skirt, butwas cutso low on her chest thata generous amount of the tops of her breasts were exposed. As she neared me it was apparent she was bra-less, as her nipples were clearly poking through the material. It seemed to be more than I thought would be normal for a young married woman to be wearing when she went to visit an older male neighbor.I tried not to stare at her large tits freely swinging under her top as she walked towards me and managed to get out a “Hi Shelly”. When she got to the picnic table she flashed me a smile and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek as she set the tray down.“This is a nice surprise. I really didn’t expect to get a chance to see you and talk with you until tomorrow.”“Well, Mike’s gone to the store to get some cleaning supplies and other things so I’m probably home alone for the next hour or two, and I thought I’d pay you a surprise visit. How about some coffee?” she asked.”“Uh, yeah, sure. I’ll go get it.” I hurried to the kitchen to get her coffee. I didn’t know what to make of her volunteering that info about Mike being gone but couldn’t help but take it as a suggestion that we would have some time alone.She was bent over leaning on her arms and reading the paper when I brought out her cup. The front of her top had fallen forward and I had an unobstructed view of most of her bare breasts when I set her cup down. They hung down from her chest like two cantaloupes and I could see her hard nipples and the top edge of her areolas. I didn’t try to hide or disguise the direction of my eyes as I gazed down her top at her bared tits as I was sure she was posing for me and dressed this way solely to expose herself. She glanced up, and smiled when she saw me staring but made no effort to adjust or pull up her top. “Nice tits,” I muttered as I sat down next to her.“Huh?”“I said you’ve got nice tits.”She looked at me and smiled. “Thanks. Sometimes I think they’re getting too big, you know since I started lactating.”I had straddled the bench seat when I sat back down so that I was facing her. She turned to look at me then raised herself up and swung her left leg outward so that she was also straddling the seat and we were face to face.I reached out and clasped both of her hands in mine and we sat and looked at each other in silence for a moment. We both began to speak at once and just as suddenly both stopped out of courtesy for the other at the same time.“Alright,” I quickly began before she started, “I need to say something first. I’m sorry and I apologize if I led you to do anything yesterday afternoon that you hadn’t intended. I feel badly that I got an erection while we talked and if that prompted you or led you on in any way.”“You didn’t do anything wrong, Tom. If you remember, it was me who started fondling myself in front of you before you did anything. I was totally aware of what I was doing and the effect it would have, and everything that happened was just what I wanted.”I was confused. “You mean you had planned to seduce me and suck my dick?”“Uh huh. Shortly after we first met,” she cast her eyes down then looked back up at me. “Please, Tom, like I asked you yesterday, don’t think I’m a slut or a whore or even an easy woman. I’m not, but I am definitely a cock sucker and love to suck a man off until he cums in my mouth, and Mike won’t let me do that.”“What?” It was incredulous thinking that a normal man would turn down a load swallowing blow job from a woman as attractive and alluring as her. “Is there something wrong?”“Oh, no,” she answered quickly. “Mike and I love each other deeply and our marriage is wonderful, it’s just that he has some strange ideas about sex.”“Oh?”“Yeah, we both love sex and ever since we first met have fucked in every position imaginable, even some we made up ourselves, whenever possible.”She looked to be getting a bit red in the face and seemed to be fidgeting a bit. “Shelly, if it’s uncomfortable or embarrassing for you to be telling me this, you don’t really have to. It’s not something I really need to know.”“I’m okay, and I really do need to tell you this. You see, when I entered my seventh month Mike almost shut down sexually. He seems to think that full sex after the sixth month will damage the baby.”‘Huh!? What’s that!?”“I know it’s a bunch of bullshit, but somewhere, somehow, he’s gotten some really weird ideas. He thinks…” she looked at me deeply and almost sadly. “Please, as weird as this may sound promise you won’t laugh.”“I promise,” and steeled myself.“He thinks, he thinks that if he continues fucking my pussy he could poke the baby in the head, my swallowing his cum could cause deformities from an overdose, and he won’t suck my tits because it could deprive the baby of my milk,” she rambled off. “So for about the last month or so about all we’ve done is play with each other for a while, do a little oral on each other, then he fucks me in the ass.”I almost did laugh but remembered I’d promised so I managed to stifle it, but I couldn’t suppress a slight grin. “Tom! You promised!” “I’m sorry, honey, I truly am,” and patted her hands “but I can’t remember ever having heard anything so bizarre.”“Tell me about it! So for the past few weeks I haven’t had a dick anywhere in me other than up my ass, and that’s really starting to get old.” She grinned a bit and I was glad to see her lighten up. “So when I met you yesterday I decided to try to get you to do something to me. You seemed nice right from the beginning, you were real sweet to bring us the lemonade, and I felt that because of your age I might be able to get some relief from you without fear of any attachment.”“Because of my age?” I kidded her. “Well if I’m so old what made you think I could still get it up? Huh?”“I didn’t mean that,” she seemed hurt. “I meant…”“Ssshh,” I placed my finger against her lips. “I know what you meant,” I smiled to reassure her. “I’m just playing with you.” I leaned forward and kissed her forehead. Even though there had been a bizarre twist in her tale, I couldn’t help but imagine her fucking Mike with abandon and pictured her as a sexual wildcat. I was still holding out hope that I would find out for myself and started getting a hard on thinking of getting naked with her and releasing her pent up passion.“That’s what yesterday was all about. I really needed a cock, was certain I could trust you and took a chance. So you see, you didn’t do anything wrong. I purposely seduced you for my own selfish pleasure and wanton desires.And if I may venture a guess,” she laughed, “you really didn’t seem to mind too much. And from what I can see,” she flipped her fingers over my shaft, “you’ve still got some pleasant memories.”“Touch?“Anyway, thanks for the cum refill, Tom.” She leaned forward and pulled our heads together with one hand, placed her parted mouth over my lips, separated them with her tongue and pushed it in until it met mine. She reached down with her other hand and squeezed my dick while we kissed. Oh yes! I thought, and moved my right hand to grasp her thigh. With my thumb on the inside I slowly caressed her soft flesh, rubbing up and down and gently playing with her flesh with my finger tips. She sighed slightly when I touched her and began jacking me through my shorts. I scooted closer to her so that my knees touched hers and forced her legs further apart, and reached my left hand under her top to mold her breasts; I had barley had to touch them before her nipples hardened, confirming to me her pent-up passions. I let my right hand slowly walk its way up her thigh and the further I went I sensed a warm heat emanating from her crotch. Separating our lips I moved my mouth off of hers and kissed my way along her cheek and down to the nape of her neck. Beginning at the point where her shoulder joined her neck I kissed and mouthed my way up until my mouth was next to her ear then started nibbling her ear lobe and licking inside her ear.“Oh, Tom, I love that,” she quietly rasped, then turned her head to bring our lips back into contact.As we made oral love with our mouths, flicking our tongues against each others while exploring the insides of our mouths, I moved my right hand from her thigh to her other breast so that I was fondling both of her swollen tits with both hands. They felt so soft yet hard, and when I rolled her nipples between my fingers I felt a wetness and knew for certain that she had begun to lactate. This brought back a flood of memories of the pleasures I had had playing with my wife’s tits when she was pregnant and I just had to have more.I broke our kiss, took my hands off of her tits and grabbing the bottom of her top started pulling it upwards, Shelly hesitated a moment when I moved my mouth away from her,艳妇乳肉豪妇荡乳后续潘金莲 but when she felt me pulling on her top she knew what I was doing and put her arms up so I could remove it. I laid her top on the table and sat back and admired her topless form. Her breasts were breathtaking. They appeared somewhat swollen, probably from a storage of breast milk for her upcoming delivery, and hung done on her chest. They still maintained their form and tried to sit up, not hanging down and being floppy as some women’s breasts do when they are in advanced pregnancy. Her areolas were deep pink in color, about 3 inches wide and covered with tiny bumps. Curiously, her hardened nipples were slightly off-centered, but they jutted out about ¾” and were leaking a small drop of her milk.As I gazed down her body I marveled at her distended pregnant belly, it was streaked with stretch marks from the baby pushing against her flesh and her navel was poking slightly outward. “Shelly, you are absolutely, fucking beautiful,” I uttered. I couldn’t help myself from caressing her gorgeous melons and returned both of my hands to begin fondling them again, gently squeezing them from her chest and working towards her nipples, trying to see if I could coax them to issue more of their life giving liquid. It only took a few moments before I noticed the leakage from her nipples had increased, and as I molded her flesh I actually saw them began to release a drop our two onto her stomach. I was so aroused by this that without a word I threw away all caution and bent down to lick the discharge from her left nipple.When I looked up for her reaction she put her hands behind my head and brought our mouths together in a passionate slobbering kiss. I could hear her moaning through the kiss and as I molded her left tit with my right hand I dropped my left hand down and lightly caressed and smoothed my hand over her belly.“Oh, God, Tom,” she moaned, breaking our kiss. “Don’t stop. You’re making me so fucking hot.” I felt her scoot forward as she dropped her right hand from behind my head onto my crotch. She grabbed my dick and squeezed it through my shorts for a moment then released it and stuck her hand up the leg of my shorts, groping for my dick; I hadn’t put on any underwear after my morning shower so she soon had her fingers wrapped around my bare shaft.Rather than resuming our kiss I let my head drop down her chest and licked at the valley between her tits. I could taste her salty flesh as I licked and kissed from her valley to the top of her right breast, slowly mouthing her until I reached her leaky nipple. I placed my mouth over her areola and, sucking at the entire area as my tongue flicked at her nipple, was rewarded with a small spurt of her milk.“Aaiiieee!” she cried and pulled my head to her. “Suck my milk filled tits! Drink my fucking milk.”Not needing any encouragement I eagerly suckled her and within seconds was drawing a squirting yet steady flow of her titty milk into my mouth. She was moaning and playing with my dick as much as the confines of my shorts would allow as she breast-fed me. I let my left hand wander down and over her belly until I touched the elastic waist band of her skirt then began to wriggle my fingers underneath, reaching down towards pussy. Given the way things were happening, I wasn’t really surprised to find she wasn’t wearing panties.She evidently hadn’t been lactating for too long, as the spurts from her left tit soon slowed then stopped. I wasn’t ready to stop though and switched over to begin my oral ministration on her left breast. By this time I had managed to force my hand completely under her skirt and was cupping my hand over her bushy pussy mound. I felt a slight coating of her juices on her pubic hair, and reaching my finger to her pudendum slowly drug it up between her wet labia.She stiffened slightly when my finger grazed over her clit and she let her hand rest motionless on my dick. She pulled my head off her tit and when I looked up at her our eyes locked. “Let’s get naked,” she said and stood up. I sat there and watched as she slowly pulled and tugged her skirt down to her knees, then pushed it rest of the way down with her feet and kicked it off.“Well, stud, wadda’ think?” she smiled invitingly, her hands on her hips and one leg slightly in front of the otherI sat there mesmerized as I let my eyes devour her.I hadn’t seen a naked pregnant woman in years and I had forgotten how alluring they could be. Even though the sight of her breasts and belly wasn’t entirely new to me, seeing them stacked on top of her broadened hips and bushy pussy was a totally different sight.“Firstly, I repeat my prior statement. You are absolutely, fucking beautiful. Secondly, and don’t take this wrong, Mike’s a fucking idiot. If you were mine I’d be sticking my dick into you every chance I got.”I thought I saw her blush a bit and she seemed to be a bit shy as she thanked me for the compliment. I started to stand to remove my shorts but she held up her hand to stop me.“No, stay seated. I want to take your shorts off.” She put on a kind of show for me and sashayed slightly as she slowly moved toward me. When she was directly in front of me she bent forward and grabbed for the legs of my shorts. Now it was my turn to stop her.“Wait a minute Shelly,” I placed my hand on her chest. When she stood back up her tits were at my eye level, and straightening my back up I leaned forward and sucked her left tit back into my mouth. She had stopped my suckling before I had drained that one and I wasn’t about to let this chance for some liquid titty sucking to get away.She leaned forward and placed her hands on my shoulders to brace herself and groaned. “Yesss Tom! Suck my milk, suck me dry.”Since my hands were free I reached my left one up to mold her right tit and slipped my right hand between her thighs. She spread her legs when she felt my hand, giving me free access to the treasure between her legs. I cupped my hand over her mound and resumed my stroking up and down her slit, using my thumb to flick at and rub her clit. Her pussy was hot and sopping wet, and when my finger brushed over and poked at her opening it seemed like her hole tried to pull my finger in of its’ own volition.She squatted a bit a and humped at my hand when I let my fuck finger invade her, using my thumb and index finger to tug at her clit and roll it between them. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I played with her naked body parts and she was riding my finger as I fucked it in and out of her sloppy hole.“Oh shit, Tom! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!’ she cried. “I love it. My tits, my pussy, my nipples! Do ‘em all!”Her tit had run dry but I didn’t stop sucking her nipple. Instead I began laving my attention back and forth between them both, sucking and flicking my tongue at her hard knobs, and occasionally nipping them with my teeth.I had let my left hand drop from her breast and was kneading her right ass cheek, molding her flesh and running my fingers up and down her ass crack. When my fingers touched the bottom of her crack and her pudendum, they were wet with her pussy juice and I coated my fingers before dragging them back up. When I felt my finger at her asshole I gently toyed with it then pushed inside. It went in surprising easily.She wailed and began ferociously humping my hands as I DP’d her with my fingers. She dropped her right hand from my shoulder to my dick and started jacking me.“Gonna cum, I’m gonna cum Tom.” She humped one final time then stopped and clenched her thighs together, trapping my hand. Throwing her head back she cried out and see-sawed back and forth as her juices ran out of her cunt and over my hands.When she released my hands she slowly lowered herself onto her knees and rested her head on my stomach. She rested for a couple of minutes and played with my still hard dick before looking up at me.“Thanks Tom,” she smiled contentedly.“Your welcome. It was my pleasure.”“Your pleasure? Oh, I thought I had your pleasure here in my hand,” squeezing my dick. “How about some real pleasure?” Grabbing the legs of my shorts she leaned backwards to tug them off. Having an idea of what she had in mind I raised my hips to allow them to slide off. When my cock cleared the waistband if flopped straight up and Shelly wrapped both hands around the shaft.“Your cock is beautiful Tom,” she said as she rubbed it up and down with her locked hands. “I can hardly wait for you shove it into my pussy, but for now…” she leaned forward and sucked me into her mouth. She engulfed the entire shaft on her first downward stroke and I could feel her throat muscles tickling my glans. I looked down and watched my shaft disappear and reappear as her head bobbed up and down. It felt wonderful to have my dick surrounded by her warm sucking mouth, but with all of the sexual play we had been engaging in I really wasn’t too sure how long I could last before losing it. As I watched her cheeks expand and contract she looked up at me and winked.She pulled her mouth off briefly, “I’m really thirsty for some cum Tom. I want your spunk in my mouth.” As quickly as she stopped, she resumed; all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine.“No fucking doubt about it,” I retorted.She kept sucking away, rolling her tongue along the shaft. Every once in a while she would stop on a back stroke to suck on my balls for a second, then run her tongue up the shaft and nip me before returning to her sucking and deep throating. It was only a minute or so when I felt it coming and I knew I couldn’t stop it. Shelly had me on the verge and I was going to give her that drink of cum she asked for.I grabbed Shelly’s head in my hands and pulled her face into my crotch. “Get ready you cocksucker, here it comes!” I yelled out an “Ahhh” and Shelly mumbled an “Umphh” around my cock as cum spurted from my dick and straight down her throat. She forced her head backward so that only the first inch was in here mouth and it felt like she was literally drawing the spunk from my balls as I climaxed and she sucked.I released her head and slumped back as she finished me off. When I stopped squirting she moved her head backwards and opened her mouth, showing me the remains of my load pooled in her mouth before swallowing it. She leaned back onto her haunches and ran her tongue around her lips.“Mmmm, good stuff. I love your cum. Thanks,” she smiled.“Your welcome. And I loved your milk.”“I hope you liked getting it as much as I did giving it. I never knew it would feel so erotic and fulfilling to have the milk sucked from my tits. I think I’m going to like nursing little Bob or Sarah.”“Well, if they ever get filled up and you got extra, keep me in mind.”She grinned and we both had a nice laugh.I reached down and taking her hand in mine pulled her up to sit beside me. Putting my arm around her shoulders I pulled her close and we leaned against each other and quietly enjoyed each others’ presence for a while.I could have sat and held her but I thought about who I was with and where we were at. Glancing at my outdoor clock I saw about 45 minutes had expired and told Shelly we better wrap it up.“I guess so,” she sounded reluctant, then perked up. “Well, hot stuff, wadda’ think, huh?” She was smiling and back to her playful side as we dressed. “You gonna make it the rest of the day or take your old bones inside for a rest? Think you can handle more tomorrow?”“Oh, I’ll make it all right. Just wait. Tomorrow I’m going to fuck you until you can’t stand up.”“Ewww. I hope that’s a promise.”“It is. Come here.” We embraced in a tight warm hug and tender kiss. I gave her butt a love pat, “You better get going. Mike may come home at any time.”“Yeah. Thanks, Tom. Love ya’”“Me too, babes. See ya’ in the morning.” I watched as she walked away, giving me that little sashay again and blowing me a kiss over her shoulder. I couldn’t wait for Monday.